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There are a huge amount of fitness trackers on the market at the moment some from big names in fitness like FitBit and also well known companies like Sony. In this post I will be reviewing a new competitor called the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This isn’t Xiaomis first fitness band as they have had two previous fitness bands. The first was called the Mi Band 1 and the second was called the Mi Band 1s which had a built in heart rate sensor. I was given this device by with the request to include a link here. This review will be completely impartial and based on my experiences with the product.

Xiaomi MI Band 2 Review – An Affordable Fitness tracker


The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 shown above is a small wristband sized fitness tracker featuring a heart rate sensor that is built onto the back of the device. This sensor works by shining two LED lights onto your skin then using a light sensor to see your pulse in a similar way to other heart rate sensors from competitors. Unlike previous Xiaomi Mi Band products that used small LEDs this device has a bright and easy to read OLED screen which is turned on using a small metal touch button. OLED means on this device that no backlight is needed leading to a higher contrast display that is readable in most lights apart from direct sunlight. Battery life is listed as 20 days standby time which seems strange wording but seems to be based on usage in my experience. The battery is a tiny 40mAh and takes roughly 3 hours to charge from empty using a clip on charger. There are different colour bands available from various online stores that can be swapped in easily to add some extra style.

Band Size – 15.5 – 21 cm / 6.1 – 8.28 inches

Compatibility – Android 4.4+ / iOS7+

Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproofing – IP67 (Protected from dust + Protected against water up to 1 meter)

Weight – 0.017 kg

Build Quality

When picking the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 up for the first time the first thing I noticed was its size and weight which was tiny. Out of the box the tracker and the rubber wrist band were separate so required a few seconds to put together which I found quite hard until I read the instructions which made it a quick simple process. The front of the tracker is made of glass rather than plastic and is scratch resistant, the rest is made of a strong texture plastic. The wristband part is only slightly stretchy and feels strong, it features thicker parts around either end on where the tracker goes which holds it firmly in place. To attach to the wrist one end of the band goes through a hole in the other end then is held in place using a metal pin through a hole. The combination of friction and the pin hold it together surprisingly well and takes a lot of force to pull it apart. To summarize the overall build quality this device feels strong and sturdy. Along with its waterproofing this device is more than durable enough for everyday use as well as use in various sports.

Heart Rate

As mentioned before in the specifications this features a heart rate sensor on its under side. Heart rate can be read by pressing the touch button until the heart rate symbol appears. Heart rate can also be taken using the app on your phone with all results synced along with the time and date that they were taken.


Steps are another feature of this fitness device and are synced to the app. This shows your walks as well as distance and estimated calories burned.

Sleep Tracking

Another main feature is the sleep tracking that shows a lot of information including your deep sleep and when you got to sleep. Sleep stats can also be shown as averages over the month or week which is a great feature for those who are trying increase sleep.

Heart Rate Sensing

I carried out some testing of the heart rate sensor compared to my own pulse tests. Overall in this test I was pleased with the results as they were on average accurate within 3 bmp. As far as I see readings need to be taken quickly for convenience and the possibility of the sensor moving. The results of taking shorter readings means that the beats per minute can be slightly less accurate. Below are the tests that I did for each I took a reading from my neck over 20 seconds then multiplied it to get my BPM. This reading is compared to the Mi Band reading at the same time.

1st Watch reading 68BPM – Pulse reading 66BPM – Difference 2

2nd Watch reading 71BPM – Pulse reading 65BPM – Difference 4

3rd Watch reading 70BPM – Pulse reading 72BPM – Difference 2

5th Watch reading 85BPM – Pulse reading 81BPM – Difference 4

6th Watch reading 78BPM – Pulse reading 81BPM – Difference 3


To get your own Xiaomi Mi Band 2 you can pick one up from various online retailers including. For a limited time at Gearbest can get you a discount if you use ‘GBMI2’ dropping the price to $36.99.

Final Impressions

Overall taking all factors into account I probably wouldn’t buy one myself because I don’t need any of the features that it has. If you are looking for a fitness wearable I would recommend this as a very good option compared to similar products thanks to its low pricing and great features.

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