Why does my computer keep shutting down?

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You Are Here:Why does my computer keep shutting down?

One problem I see from a lot of people is that their computer is working fine, and then it just shuts off. This can be extremely frustrating since nothing seems wrong with your Operating System, so what could it be? Well most likely it is because your computer is overheating.

Built into just about every computer that exists in the world, is a digital thermometer that monitor’s the internal temperature of the power supply and the CPU. If that temperature gets to a dangerous level, your computer will the just shut off right away, without asking you as a safety precaution so fires don’t start.

Obviously they are just trying to protect consumers, but it can get annoying when the temperature in your home or business rises because of the season, and starts making your computer turn off. To stop this though, or at least stop it the best that you can, is to help your computer breathe better.

One way to do this is to move your computer farther away from the wall and other objects around it, so air can circulate easily. Another way is to clean out the dust in your computer regularly, because if it builds up it too prevents air circulation and makes it hotter inside.

Of course if none of that works and it just will not stop overheating, you can always buy and install much more powerful fans on the CPU, or a better power supply with a more powerful fan. The Power Supply and the CPU are really the only two things that get hot inside of your computer, so those are the 2 main parts you need to worry about.

Also, just an interesting piece of information, you can have your computer setup to have liquid nitrogen running through tubes, throughout the entire computer. This is an extremely efficient way to cool your computer, but can be expensive and very tedious to maintain.

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