Which Proximity Security System Is Right For You?

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One of the main parts of any security system is the means by which employees and other individuals can prove their identity in order to enter and exit the various doors and gates that make up the system. These pieces of hardware which check employee identity are known as proximity security systems and comprise three main types: control system keypads, control system card readers and biometric systems. This article will look at these three types and discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of them.

Of the three types the most common is the access control system keypad. This operates by the employee keying in an access code in order to gain access to a certain room or area of a building. They are among the cheapest type of proximity security system and offer a fairly basic security. The problem is that an access code can be used by anyone, and if the code becomes known it can allow an intruder to have access to secure areas. This problem can be solved to a certain extent by integrating the keypad with a security card reader.

Access control system card readers are more secure than just a simple keypad, since the card will carry the identity of the employee, and unless the card has been stolen it is impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to an area. The cards can carry a minimum of information such as the employees name and job function, or can carry much more such as the employee number and when they started and stopped work. In this way the cards can be integrated with time and attendance software. Some cards can be read by a sensor without the card actually having to touch anything. These cards tend to be long lasting because there is little or no wear and tear. Cards can also carry a photograph of the employee and act as a photo ID card.

One of the most secure forms of system is the biometric security system. This uses advanced technology in order to read employee fingerprints or even perform a retinal scan. As can be imagined, it is a very secure form of access control system reader, but does tend to be very expensive. However, for those companies who take security very seriously this could be an option.

As can be seen, choosing a proximity security system takes some thought, as these systems can range from the inexpensive and simple keypad to the expensive and extremely complex biometric system. The best thing to do is as for a professional security company to carry out a full security survey in order to determine what is best for the needs of your company.

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