Video Surveillance Systems: Images For Security

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One of the most effective ways of providing a higher level of protection in your office is to install a video surveillance system. These systems have the ability to monitor all areas of your business, including areas outside such as the parking lot, and can be a real deterrent to would be thieves and burglars. The main things to consider when thinking of installing a video security system are size of the camera, whether to choose color or black and white recording, the resolution of the camera and what to eventually record the images on. This article will look at these various points and give some pointers as to what should be considered when purchasing a system.

One of the main things to consider is the size of the camera. There’s a tendency to believe that bigger is better, but actually a small-sized camera is fine for most business security camera systems. The size of a security camera will usually be given in inches, and a 1/4″ camera is usually fine for most situations. If you want a slightly bigger size then consider a 1/2″ size camera. The larger cameras can be useful in situation where there is little light, such as in a parking lot, though do not give a particularly better final image. The largest camera size usually available is 1″.

Most security cameras now record their images in color, since installing a color camera is no longer as prohibitive as it once was. From the security aspect, this is seen by many to be a good thing as the inclusion of color gives far more evidence than a black and white image. The color or a suspicious car in the parking lot can be recorded and used as evidence for instance. Black and white cameras do work better than color security cameras in dimly-lit situations, although cameras are available which can switch from one recording mode to the other.

An important point to consider when installing the surveillance system is the resolution of the camera. The better the resolution the better the final image will be, so it is essential that he resolution is good enough for your purposes. Resolution is measured in TV lines (TVL), with a decent security surveillance camera having a resolution of about 350 TVL. The vendor who supplies your security system will be able to give advice as to what type of resolution you need for the purpose you have in mind.

Finally there is the question of recording medium to take into account, which basically boils down to two choices: video tape or digital. VCR recorders are much cheaper than a DVR, but the technology has now been superseded so much by DVR that the VCR is almost obsolete. The quality of recording on a DVR is far superior, and the images suffer no degradation. With this in mind, for most video surveillance systems, a DVR is probably the best choice, and without being particularly expensive.

All in all, there are a few choices to make when thinking about installing a security video surveillance system. The most important is probably the size of camera and the resolution, though as has been pointed out the mechanism for recording the images is also of some importance. Before making the final choice, speak with a vendor who specializes in installing surveillance systems and get them to do a survey of your office. What they come up with will give you a pretty good idea of what type of system to go for.

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