Video Security System Recorders: How To Choose One

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Once you have decided on which type of camera you want to use for your video surveillance system, the next decision to make is what video security system recorder to buy in order to record the images. These days, with the price of digital video recorders (DVR) dropping all the time, it makes sense to go this route rather than for the slightly cheaper VCR. A DVR will make it easy to store images and also view events later. When choosing which model to go for there are three basic considerations to be borne in mind: the size of the DVR hard disk, the number of cameras that will be used in your video surveillance system, and how easy it is to export images. This article will look at these points and some things to be considered before purchasing a DVR.

The size of the hard disk is one of the more important points you need to consider, since this will determine how much you can record. You need to bear in mind that the only important recording you make will be what are called full motion recording, which means recording in real time of an event. The good thing about some DVR machines is that they will record at a slow speed, but then begin to record at normal speed only when the camera detects something moving within its range. This means there should be little recorded at full motion and so the hard disk does not need to be of a huge capacity. A standard 80GB hard disk will give you a fair amount of recording time, though it might be better to increase the size to 120GB just to give some slightly extra capacity.

The number of cameras you intend to attach to the DVR is also an important consideration. If you have a large area with many cameras you need to make sure that the DVR can handle input from all the cameras you have. The models which can handle a smaller number of cameras will be correspondingly cheaper, though if there ever comes a time when you need to add more cameras there will be the expense of upgrading. It might be better to buy a higher-end model at the outset if you think you will need to add more cameras in the future as this could well save money in the long run.

Of course, the main point of a video surveillance security system is to catch intruders, but also to collect evidence in the case of any criminal activity such as a burglary. With this in mind, they may be a need at some point in time to export the images on the DVR to a DVD or CD so that the images or video footage can be shown in court as part of prosecution proceedings. When choosing a DVR it might be best to ensure that it can export in a wide range of formats so that you have the best chance of providing images in a format that is acceptable to be shown as part of criminal evidence.

As you can see there are a few things to think about when choosing a digital video recorder for your video security system. The amount of recording you can do and the number of cameras are among the most important, but you also need to think about the possibility of having to put the images on another format for presentation as evidence. However, by bearing the above points in mind it should be possible to find a DVR for your security system that does a decent job and adds to the security of your office.

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