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Technology moves forward at such a striking pace that it often becomes difficult to keep track of the new developments. While selecting mobile phones, you enter the shop to buy the latest model. But when you come out of the shop, you are holding an obsolete model since an updated version emerged within the time of transaction.

Such is the pace of technological advancement. The same applies for the case of laptops. It may be easy to change the mobile phones to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest fashion and technology. But the high cost of the laptops restricts you to carry out such an easy transaction. But does that mean you have to fall behind and satisfy yourself with the “old” technology? This is whenupgrading laptops seems to be the best option.

Upgrading Laptops Memory and Hard Drive

One of the easiest things to upgrade in a laptop is its memory . But for upgrading your laptop by adding RAM to it, you first need to know what type of memory will be accepted by your laptop. There are a number of Memory Advisor Tools that takes in the model information and the make of your laptop, and suggests the type of memory that will best suit your laptop.

If you are using a second hand laptop of 32MB of RAM, you will witness a major increase in performance if you upgrade it to 64MB of RAM. But to do so, you need to buy the accurate module and make sure that the maximum amount of RAM is already not installed in your laptop.

Attaching a CD drive with read-write facility is another important feature that you can add to upgrade your laptop, provided you have installed the appropriate software in it. You can make use of the jump drive to transfer data between computers and storing it in a small space. While upgrading laptops, you must make sure that it has a better port or a USB 1.1 for working easily with peripheral devices.

Upgrading laptops can be a bit difficult since there are not many parts that can be easily upgraded. But among the easier ones is the hard drive. You can easily change the hard drive of your laptop by opting for a 2.5 inch, 100GB drive. This will ensure that you can store a huge quantity of image files and video footage. In addition to the hard drive, if you opt for the DVD rewriter drives, you can copy around 4.7GB data in just a single disc.

You may have a laptop that does not support wireless facilities. For upgrading laptops, you need to invest in the wireless PC Card. This will help your laptop to maintain its Internet access even when you are traveling with it. In order to transfer data from your laptop to a different computer at a much faster rate, you can easily add a USB 2 support.

Once you have the memory and the hard drive installed with all the peripheral accessories, reload the operating system and the drivers. Thus, by investing just a few minutes in upgrading laptops, you save yourself a lot of money and get a laptop that behaves like a new one.

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