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Learning how to upgrade computer parts is something everyone should do. Anyone who owns a computer can do it, but for some reason many people don’t. Instead they go out and buy a new computer, when all they really needed was more memory, or just a faster CPU.

Now some times a new computer is a good idea, especially if your current PC was bought before the year 2000. But even then your needs can be addressed with a few simple upgrades. You just need to know where to buy your new parts, and how to upgrade computer partscorrectly.

Tip: Upgrade computer parts with caution, if you don’t, you could seriously damage your computer.

Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory is perhaps the most important part of your PC, since it stores data that you are currently using (working on) and holds together everything that you see on your screen right now. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will startup and load programs, data and video games. If you can only upgrade computer parts that don’t cost much, then this is the part that you want to upgrade.

Central Processing Unit

The next most important part in your computer, and it also determines the speed, is your CPU . Your memory (RAM) is what temporarily stores your data, but your CPU is what actually processes it. CPU speed is measured in MHZ or GHZ, which is faster. Also MHZ processors really are no longer put into any new computers, and older motherboards don’t support GHZ.

Video Card

If your computer is currently not cutting it graphic wise, then upgrading your video card is a must. A simple video card upgrade can make your movies go from lagging, to playing in High Definition in no time. A good video card is a must for a PC gamer, and usually cost about $100 to $200 for a nice one.

Hard Drive

Your hard drive keeps all of your data and important information stored for you, so the bigger it is, the more you can save. In the past few years hard drives have kept getting bigger is storage size, and lower in price. In fact prices are so low there really is no price difference between a hundred gigabyte hard drive and a 250 gigabyte one.

CD Drive

Just about every computer has a CD drive these days, and also a CD burner. If you need a CD drive, or a new one, then a CD burner is the way to go. Why you ask? Because a CD burner is both a CD drive and burner, all in one and the price is almost exactly the same.

DVD Drive

The latest fashion in computers is a DVD drive . You might think you don’t need one because you already have a home DVD player, and you couldn’t imagine yourself watching any movies on the computer. Well no longer is it strictly for movies, as a new format has arisen called DVD-ROM. This format is used for large applications such as high end video games, software and any other type of data. Most likely the next video game you buy will be in the DVD-ROM format, and if you don’t have a DVD drive or burner then you will not be able to play it.

Sound Card

If entertainment is a main reason you use your computer, then a sound card upgrade is something that you should consider. The latest sound cards on the market are capable of surround sound, 5.1 speakers, 3D effects and much more. With a new sound card, your PC experience will never be the same. If you plan to upgrade computer parts, then this should definitely not be overlooked.

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