Types Of Computer Attacks

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Computers are very vulnerable and require necessary maintenance and protection. Our computer systems are vulnerable to different types of computer attacks. To protect the systems from these attacks, it is important to know common computer attacks.
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It has become an almost everyday situation where we hear about computer systems or networks have been attacked. Our technology is very advanced so there are different types of computer attacks from which you have to protect your data, systems and networks from. While some of the attacks may simply corrupt the data on the computer, there are other attacks, where the data from the computer system may be stolen, and others where the entire network may be shut down.
There are two main types of computer attacks, passive attacks and active attacks. Passive attacks are the ones where the data transaction on the computer is monitored and later utilized for malicious interests. Active attacks are ones where either changes are made to the data or the data is deleted or the network is destroyed completely.
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Viruses have been one of the biggest problems when it comes to computers. They are the biggest computer attacks and have been around for many years. They install themselves onto the computers and spread to the other files on the system. They often spread through external hard drives or through certain internet sites or through email attachments. Once the viruses are launched, they become independent of the creator and aim to infect a number of files and other systems.
Worms are very similar to viruses. The difference between viruses and worms is that worms infect the system without any kind of assistance from the user. The first step that worms take is to scan the computers and exploit vulnerabilities. Then it copies itself onto the system infecting the system, and the process is repeated.
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Trojan horses rank right after the viruses. They often disguise themselves in a piece of software, in screen saver, or in a game, which appears to work normally. However, once they are copied onto the system, they will infect the system with a virus or root kit. In other words, they act as carriers of viruses or root kits, to infect the system.
Root Kit
Hackers gain access into the system with the use of root kit drivers and take full charge of the computer. These are among the most dangerous computer attacks, as the hacker can gain more control over the system, than the owner of the system. Sometimes hackers have been able to also turn on the victim’s webcam and watch the activities of the victim, without the victim knowing about it at all.

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