Two Way Monitoring Systems Help In Keeping Security Tight

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There was a time when the only to communicate with an office that had been broken into would have be by using the telephone, and by that time the alarm would have gone off, the police would be at the scene and the criminals perhaps fledif it wasn’t a false alarm. But no longer is this the case. With the increasing strides in technology, it is now possible to know that the alarm has been triggered and check to see if it a false alarm or not by using a two way monitoring system. With its ability to check whether the intruder is real or just a company employee making a mistake, the ability to cut down on false alarms and the ease with which the system can be installed make them a good choice for many businesses. This article will look at the main points and look at some considerations needed to be kept in mind before a two way monitoring system is purchased.

One of the big problems with security alarm systems is that there is often no way of knowing who triggered the alarm. This is a problem neatly solved by having a monitoring system. When the alarm is triggered a central monitoring station will contact the office, probably through the intercom attached to an access control system, and speak to the person who triggered the alarm. If the person can give the correct passcode, the alarm is cancelled. The monitoring station may then contact the business owner or someone responsible for security to check whether the employee really does have a right to be in the office after hours.

The second benefit of these systems is that the chances of a false alarm occurring are drastically reduced. With no way for anyone to contact the person who triggered the alarm to check on the situation, many alarms could go off only for it to be discovered that the alarm was due to an employee entering a wrong passcode. False alarms not only cause disruption to the company, but can also end up with the police taking alarms less seriously in the future.

Since most companies already have some kind of access control system to protect sensitive areas of the office. It is usually a simple matter to attach an intercom to the keypad, or somewhere nearby. A two-way monitoring system can be used almost anywhere on company premises, and so can be used to protect even small areas of the company.

As can be seen, there are quite a few advantages to fitting a dual communication monitoring system. With their ability to check if the alarm is false or not, and their use of a central monitoring to check on security, they are a simple but effective tool in the security arsenal of any company.

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