The Value of Computer Forensic Analysis

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In an effort to fight crime, many different types of investigations are used. For fighting computer crimes,computer forensic analysis needs to be performed. This is why forensic analysis used in the investigation of data theft versus homicide would be quite different. Even though the type and level of analysis would vary, computer forensics shares many fundamental elements.

Remember, identifying evidence that could be used in court for prosecution is simply not enough. The reason is that in some instances, evidence found in a computer might not withstand time. In this case, the computer forensic investigator would have to do everything possible to preserve the integrity of the evidence or have the knowledge and skill for making copies that could be used in a court of law. This is why the process of computer forensic analysis begins as soon as the investigator begins searching for evidence.

Keep in mind that for professionals to perform forensic analysis, any trace of evidence would need to be identified in a controlled setting, not at the affected company’s site. This way, the investigator would have the time, tools, and software required to find specific details for showing a crime was committed, giving him or her opportunity to establish all facts. In addition to things collected where the crime occurred, the investigator would also take and match fingerprints, use DNA prints to create facial portraits, and conduct an analysis of germs, bacteria, minerals, and textiles.

This type of scrutiny in a professional crime lab is what helps build a solid case against the criminal. In addition, there are times when computer crimes end up with victims. In this case, computer forensics analysis would also include a medical examination of any victims and an investigation by trained and authorized forensic professionals of other aspects of the crime.

Often, people believe that computer forensic analysis focuses only on the more brutal crimes such as homicide or manslaughter. However, this type of investigation is much broader. Great examples of how computer forensic analysis would benefit include companies impacted by financial fraud, corporate data theft, structural fire, accident occurring at the work site, etc. A highly trained professional could perform computer forensic analysis for identifying the criminal. In fact, the professional could also help recover any lost or damaged data and show the company ways of reducing future loss.

Unfortunately, many television shows have created false public opinion about computer forensic analysis and while shows like Crime Scene Investigator and CSI NY or CSI Miami are entertaining, the real world of fighting computer crime is much different from what is depicted on the shows. If you want to see shows that offer a more realistic viewpoint of computer forensic analysis, you might look for upcoming shows on the Discovery or Science channels. For whatever reason, people around the world are intrigued by crime. Sadly, some young people see more than they should, leading to psychological issues.

Now, crime is interesting but only when looking at ways of fighting it so if you have a desire to do something to better the world, you might consider getting involved with law enforcement, crime scene investigation, or computer forensic analysis. Not only is this an area of expertise needed, computer forensic analysis is challenging, exciting, rewarding, and a well paying career. Just remember that this type of investigation is based on science so special training and education is mandated.

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