The Interesting World of Forensic Anthropology

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You Are Here:The Interesting World of Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology refers to the science of studying human bones and skeletal remains for the purpose of identifying who the bones belong to. With the proper use of anthropology and osteology principles, the anthropologist is able to determine sex, age, ancestry, size, type of injury sustained as well as type of disease.

There are numerous uses for which forensic anthropology can be used. Although their findings cannot be the actual determination of the cause of death, the extent to which forensic anthropology determines cause of death is by the study of the bones and forming a hypothesis on the cause of death. Because of this, they are usually made expert witnesses in a criminal case for the mere fact that their findings are backed up by scientific explanation.

Forensic anthropology helps give law enforcement details about unidentified skeleton and bones. The techniques in forensic science help in the formulation of scientific evidence while studying the bones in order to determine cause of death.

Forensic Anthropology- Used In Facial Reconstructions

Forensic anthropology also helps in making facial reconstructions. Because of their extensive training together with scientific principles, forensic anthropologist experts are able to reconstruct the face of a person in order to give the bones identification. This facial recognition becomes useful in criminal investigations as well as in missing persons cases by being able to provide the biological profile of a person.

Most of the time, bones will reveal the person’s cause of death by showing signs of gunshot wounds, lacerations, disease and the like. The skull might show signs of blunt force trauma. The skilled eye of the forensic anthropologist can even tell what kind of instrument was used. The forensic anthropology experts is also able to determine whether or not the person’s death was natural, accidental, a victim of poisoning, or even a result of suicide. It is interesting to note that the forensic anthropologist can even explain and provide information about the cremated remains of a person.

Most of the time, forensic anthropologists will use a program called the Fordisc program. This program aids them in making conclusions about the person’s background such as racial profile, ethnic information and the like.

There are not much forensic anthropologist in the world, with and estimate of only 100 experts located in the United States and Canada alone. The expertise of forensic anthropology experts are very much sought after by historians , law enforcement agencies, as well as the medical community.

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