The Different Types Of Aerial Lidar

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In the modern days, the technology has improved a lot; as a result of which we are getting new and improved devices that are making our work easy and convenient. One of the inventions of the modern days is the Lidar technology. Lidar, or Light Detection and Ranging, is proved to be an accurate approach that creates the accurate image of the terrain and make is usable for various industries. This technology mainly based on the scanning laser technology blended with both GPS and inertial technology, which creates a three dimensional clouds or point clouds.

The airborne Lidar devices help in creating the digital elevation and terrain models easily. This device is also useful in making slope and plain metric mapping. There are many companies that manufacture various types of airborne Lidar devices. One of the companies is Airborne Imaging.

As the name suggests, aerial Lidar is the device that is used for the lidar 3d mapping purpose and is used through the aerial route. The aerial Lidar is the only choice through which the accurate airborne survey is being conducted for the dam sites, flood areas etc. The application of aerial Lidar is immense and the technology makes it easy and accurate so that we can get the perfect image and data in less time. The low flying height and the effective laser beam of the device makes it device of choice over the other weather devices that are not so accurate in every weather condition.

These Lidar systems are capable of flying at night as well and also give the accurate image data that will help you in making the model for the targeted work. The surveys made by using these devices are generally accurate since the device works well in all weather condition.

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