Tampa Art Consultant Works With New Technology, Science, Manipulation and Digital Photo Frame

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You Are Here:Tampa Art Consultant Works With New Technology, Science, Manipulation and Digital Photo Frame

There is a new science and technology in picture frames called digital picture frames in which photographs digitally cycle through the entire round of photographs so that one is never looking at the same photograph. These digital photograph frames could contain Tampa office art work or simple family photographs.
The digital picture frames could showcase photographs of a memorable vacation, a wedding, baby’s first year, or children’s artwork. A Tampa art consultant would have some wonderful ideas on how to use a digital picture frame not only as a keepsake style video that plays continuous still photographs but as a piece of artwork that would liven up any room.
Besides a digital picture frame, a frame company could blow up a beautiful picture of a flower, a photograph of a polar bear taken at the zoo, or children playing in the backyard and make it the centerpiece of the living room above the couch or above the fireplace mantel in a beautiful wooden frame or sometimes a gold frame is necessary to bring out the colors in the photograph.
Collectors of Star Wars memorabilia often have vintage Star Wars posters they would like to have framed for their collection room or just as a fun piece of artwork hanging in the den or in the basement near a bar or pool table.
Many frame shops specialize in posters and large size photographs, paintings and needlework that becomes beautiful artwork when framed with the right color wooden or plastic frames. However, other frame shops deliver on smaller frames such as 8.5 x 11 or slightly larger, 13 x 18.
There are many different things a frame shop could frame besides photographs and paintings. There is needlepoint cross stitch, digital photographs, wire art, colored glass pieces, paper and ink, and all different types of mediums an artist could use to craft an unusual picture or piece of artwork a frame shop could frame for them. Not everyone prefers the traditional photograph or print when it comes to a frame project hanging over their fireplace mantel or bare wall in the dining room.
Photo manipulation is an unusual yet popular science with many artists. An artist takes a photograph with a digital camera and then manipulates it with a computer program by either stretching, swirling or scrunching the photographs so it makes a different style of picture altogether. The photograph of flowers, a person or a dog is then unrecognizable but has turned out to be a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors after the manipulation is completed.
Some of the digital picture frames or manipulated photographs make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, bridal showers, baby showers and birthday or graduation gifts.

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