Strengthen security measures, use Contractor Passes as a clear means of identification

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You Are Here:Strengthen security measures, use Contractor Passes as a clear means of identification

In a world where there’s a growing demand for improved security measures in schools and colleges, contractor passes make a great deal of sense. Educational institutes have to be more prudent than ever monitoring the movements of people who visit their sites, and that’s why school visitor badges are so relevant at the moment.
As well as school visitor badges, contractor passes are the perfect way to verify if a person is authorised to be present on a site. Contractor Passes can be handed out to any worker that is undertaking duties whilst on school premises.
Only workers wearing Contractor Passes should be allowed on school property. The integrity of a person can be called into question if they’re not wearing one of the Contractor Passes. It’s easy to verify if personnel should be on site when they are given Contractor Passes.
Are the contractor passes that important?
Yes they are! In an ideal world people would be who they say they are, but sadly that’s not always the case. The only way a school can welcome contractors to their site but still retain total control over their security is by issuing Contractor Passes when trade’s people first arrive.
Details can be recorded in a visitors’ book and Contractor Passes are then presented to personnel which should be worn at all times. Site owners have an up-to-date record of the people that are working on the site and tradesmen are clearly visible by the Contractor Passes they are wearing.
Sites are more secure when Contractor Passes are used in a responsible manner and school visitor passes are essential if a learning institute wants to maintain effective site security.
Think of the benefits of contractor passes
Educational establishments that value the care and wellbeing of the students in their charge warmly welcome the idea of Contractor Passes. Not only do the Contractor Passes enhance site security, school visitor passes boost site safety as well.
Without Contractor Passes there’s no way of knowing who’s on site in times of emergency, it becomes a complete guessing game. With strict permit-to-work systems in place site manager know exactly who’s on site at any given time, details are logged in visitor books and records are kept of the Contractor Passes that have been handed out.
Contractor passes help to boost a site’s security, they vastly improve safety on site and they prove a school is committed to safe working practices at the same time.


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