Solar Powered Pedestrian Crossing Signs Help save Lives with LED Technology

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You Are Here:Solar Powered Pedestrian Crossing Signs Help save Lives with LED Technology

Skyrocketing fuel costs and a genuine concern and growing awareness of our environment is leading the way to the use of more solar powered and solar panels placed on safety signs in order to harness the sun’s energy.
There has been a large increase in the use of solar powered arrowboards or directional signs and changeable message signs (CMS). Other signs that are using the sun’s energy through solar power panels are safety sign near schools, hospitals, highway construction entrances and other walkways in which people and cars share the road.
Changeable message signs are very popular along the highways to alert drivers of upcoming traffic jams, accidents and even non-automotive related incidents such as the ‘Amber Alerts’ for missing children.
On many of the solar powered arrowboards, directional signs, speed limit signs, railroad crossing signs and solar powered pedestrian crossing signs are three to five LED flashing lights which help to draw a driver’s attention to the sign so they may heed the warning and do what the sign is “saying”.
According to MADD – Mother’s Against Drunk Driver’s – the number one cause of car accidents used to be drunk drivers; today that figure has dropped to number two or three because things like cell phones and eating in the car while driving have taken over as the top two distractions that impair a driver’s ability to apply the brakes on time or swerve to avoid hitting another car.
With solar powered safety traffic signs, they amount of casualties from distracted driver accidents could be reduced because the solar powered safety signs contain the LED flashing lights. And don’t be worried if the majority of accidents happen during the late evening hours because the solar powered safety traffic signs will work on any street at any time, day or night, a rainy day or a sunny one. The solar powered safety signs work up to 12 continuous hours in the sun and then store enough energy to run through the evening hours.

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