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With the advancement in technology, tech-savvy generation, easy and 24/7 acess to the internet and shortage of time , more and more people have started surfing internet to look out for products and services which they require.. And there is no dearth of internet marketing and sales companies. In order to be successful and to stand apart from the crowd, one needs to be unique, innovative and a trend setter. So when you want to make an online presence, not only your marketing strategies and office, but even your website should project a professional image. And it is very important for every business to have its own distinctive identity and to stand apart from the crowd in order to attract the attention of potential customers. This helps the company in establishing its name and identity in the market and to make its presence felt amongst the others. And to potray their image in a sophisticated, credible and professional manner, many businessmen are now opting for a customised website designing over using website templates.

Custom web design is a simple tool which distinguishes amateurs from the professionals. These websites allows the owner of the company to sit with the team of designers or website advisor and decide how the webside should look when viewed by the potential customers. The owner has the freedom to potray his/her own views, plans and ideas through the website. These websites prove to be an important tool in communicating, branding, and in promotional and marketing strategies. There are many advantages of a custom webdesign over a normal web template, like-

? They are constructed in such a manner that the back ground coding influences your success in search engines.

? Your website is unique and is created just for you. Whereas tons of people might be using the same template as the dcesigning company can sell it to anyone and everyone.

? Since you are the planner, you can give your own list of features on priority basis to the designers and tell them how to incorporate and accomodate them.The designers will then include the prioritized features if all are not fitting within your budget. On the other hand, most of the Templates are specificaly laid out and if you will add any new feature or graphic the Template will break.

? You can also tell the designers about your future plans and the features you will be adding on in the near future and he/she will build the website in such a manner that it is possible and easy to add those features when you desire.

? If you are planning to maintain the website yourself then a content management system can be incorporated into the website that will help you in the same. On the contrary without the codings, you will either have to learn coding skills or hire someone to help you with that, in Templates.

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