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One of the many advancements that came from the internet, but yet is not widely known or used by the average computer user, is remote computer connection software. Basically, this type of software allows you to connect to another computer that is anywhere in the world, so long as it to is connected to the internet. But you just don’t connect though, you take over that computer with the one that is right in front of you, and use it like it is the other computer!

This means you can connect to your office computer from your home, when your on vacation, or where ever, and use it like it is right there in front of you. For many, this type of freedom is priceless, and incidentally for many, they never use it.

In fact the Windows operating system has came pre-bundled with remote PC connection software since Windows 98 I believe. This means basically everybody has had the capability to do it for free, so long as they had the internet, for years.

Now of course their are pay for solutions that exist, that some say are much better and easier to use than remote PC on Windows, which is one of the reasons why it might have never taken off.

Anyways, the main paid for remote PC connection contender isGoToMyPC. Made by Citrix Online, GoToMyPC is very easy to use, free to try for 30 days, and even comes with a bunch of extra features that you wouldn’t even have thought of.

There is also another free open source software for a remote computer connection, which is called ShowMyPC (I wonder what that sounds like?), and is actually highly recommended also.

So really it all depends on what kind of reliability and service you want, which itself depends really on how much you plan to use it!

How to Use Your Remote PC Software

If you choose to buy your remote connection software, they all come with live support and manuals that will tell you how to connect to another one of your computers. The free solutions, like Microsoft’s and open source ones, are a bit more complicated. They all usually have directions telling you how to do it, but since they are free they are not going to put together a really nice tutorial that will tell you everything.

The best way to figure out how to use your software would be to search Google for answers, and thoroughly read any instructions that come with it.

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