Penelope’s People – The Nanny Agency in NYC to Rely Upon

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New York, USA – November 11th, 2012: Among a wide range of nanny agencies NYC features, there are only a few that standout tall in the crowd. Penelope’s People is surely one among the fewer ones that enjoys a strong positive reputation in this industry.

Penelope’s People is one of those rare NYC nanny agencies that follows the 9-step process when recruiting nanny and nurse for the agency. The 9-step procedure is listed below:

1. Total work experience in this industry (Detailed reviewing)

2. Detailed phone interview

3. Comprehensive face-to-face interviews

4. Background check through professional service agencies

5. Complete personality assessment check

6. Detailed reference checks

7. Trained personal matching

8. Driving record check

9. Credit check

The services offered by Penelope’s People are babysitting, baby nurse NYC, nanny, attendants for elderly people, helper to mom, housekeeper, household manager, senior companion, and home helpers. Penelope’s People recruit expert babysitters and nannies through proper screener and background checking procedures. The agency focuses strongly on the recruitment of clients before offering any sort of service. Only after coming to a certain term of mutual agreement, the agency supplies the nanny as per client requirement.

About the company: Penelope’s People is a trustable nanny agency in NYC. Penelope’s People provide the most caring service to the toddlers. It is listed among the top nanny agencies in NYC that offers specialized care and nursing service to toddlers and seniors. The CEO and founder of Penelope’s people, Milton Polinsky, have over 25 years of experience in the Caregiver industry.  The strict adherence to our 9-step process selectively recruits caregivers and sets us apart from other agencies.

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