Outdoor Security Systems: What You Need To Consider

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The best type of office security is the one which stops an intruder, or would-be intruder, from ever getting onto the office premises in the first place. This stops the possibility of damage to the office, which can be a costly event even if the intruder doesn’t actually steal anything. A basic outdoor security system should consist of three basic elements, which are security of external gates, security of external doors and some way of monitoring the exterior of the building within company premises. This article will look at methods to ensure this is done in the best way and what needs to be considered before purchasing a system.

External gates are the first barrier to an intruder or burglar, and so should be a serious part of an office security system. The first consideration to make regarding perimeter security is to make sure that external gates are high enough to make it difficult for any intruder to climb them easily, and that the locks are strong enough and of a high enough quality to make them difficult to be opened. The external gates should have some kind of access control system, based on keypads or smart cards, which is attached to a central monitoring station. This will enable a log to be kept of who opened a gate and when. All external gates should also be covered by an outdoor security camera system, so that intruders can be spotted and to provide evidence in the case of a break in.

If an intruder does manage to get inside an office compound, then the next security barrier would be the external doors to the building. All doors should have strong locks, and also be wired to the access control system. If a wireless security system has been fitted, it should be easy to fit each external door with an access keypad. The doors (and windows too) should be fitted with magnetic contacts which set off the alarm if they are forced open. Here too, there may be a need for video surveillance, and a wireless outdoor camera could be fitted for extra security.

As well as securing gates and doors, there is also the question of making the general external premises such as parking lots and material storage areas secure. This can be done with security fencing and gates, but also video surveillance is important, particularly in the parking lots where the personal security of employees could be at risk. Surveillance cameras in these areas should be of a type that can record well under low light conditions as there will need to be surveillance during night time as well as during the day. Again, the security cameras should be linked to a central monitoring station, and possibly integrated into a site-wide security system for maximum effectiveness.

It should be obvious that an outdoor security system needs some thought and planning. It is the first line of defense against burglars and other intruders, and so should be highly secure. It can be integrated into a total security system which also monitors the internal areas of the company. By bearing in mind the points mentioned above it should be possible to design an outdoor security system to suit your needs.

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