Open Or Close Monitoring System: Which One To Choose?

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One of the most critical aspects of any security system is to know when the system is turned on in the evening when staff leave for the day, and when it is disarmed in the morning when staff return to work. In order to do this, the system must incorporate some sort of open and close monitoring system, of which there are two basic types: the supervised monitoring system and the unsupervised. This article will take a brief look at these two basic types and discuss some of the considerations that need to be borne in mind.

An open and close monitoring system is a fairly simple type of technology, which uses date and time software to monitor when the alarm system is armed and disarmed. The supervised type of system is run using the services of a central monitoring station. This is the more complex of the two basic types of system, and not only monitors when the alarm was armed or disarmed, but also which member of staff actually did it. In order to do this, the technology employed at the control panel which sets the alarm system must also contain technology which allows for individual staff verification. This can be done through the use of swipe card technology as used in the access control system, or more complex technologies such as biometrics. This type of system gives a very high level of security.

The supervised system, since it uses a central monitoring unit, can also tell the company security officers if the alarm is ever left off (unarmed) when the staff have gone home for the day.

An unsupervised system will keep track of when the security alarm system was turned on or off at the control panel, but will not tell you exactly who did it. This is just basic security, though for many types of company it may suffice well enough. This type of system will also not notify you when the alarm is not working, and for that the central monitoring unit will have to be contacted manually.

As can be seen, an open and close schedule monitoring system is useful as an added layer of security, and for the higher levels, the supervised system is the better of the two. This does mean the use of a central monitoring unit, but that may well be worth the price due to the extra level of security it provides. Before choosing which open and close monitoring system is best for your office security, it is best to consult a qualified security professional, and also several vendors in order to get several quotes for the work to be done.

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