Northern Michigan Weddings Offer Castle Tours, Increase Customer Database, Revenue

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You Are Here:Northern Michigan Weddings Offer Castle Tours, Increase Customer Database, Revenue

A century’s old castle that holds Northern Michigan weddings would also offer castle tours to church groups, school children and the general public. There is something unique and exciting yet oddly strange about an old Northern Michigan Castle and people seem to be drawn to it so the owners have opened it up for weddings, castle tours, birthday parties, anniversary parties or retirement parties or business meetings and retreats.
Besides old records, written and kept by the castle’s occupants, scientists could perform carbon dating and other testing on the stone covered walls to determine the age of the castle that is now open to the public in order to celebrate different happy occasions. Technology has come a long way and now a castle has indoor plumbing and all the modern conveniences one would miss if they lived 100 years or more ago.
One of the best technological advances people of olden times did not have was the computer and the ability to watch a video of a place they’ve never been to. Such virtual videos are very helpful to a wedding destination company such as one that owns a castle so that the potential customers, in this case the bride and groom, can see for themselves what their wedding might look like without having to make the trip to Northern Michigan. Everything could be done through the computer and a telephone.
Every company, no matter what their business entails, should have an Internet presence in the form of a website or an online store in order to reach more targeted customers which our customers looking for exactly what they want through the Internet. Today more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to search for what they want and need over all other media combined. This includes their local telephone book, newspapers and magazines and radio and television advertisements. Telephone books only offer a telephone number in which a customer would have to call for more information and newspapers and magazines only offer slightly more with perhaps a map to the location and hours of operation. Unless it’s a big-budget production, people don’t listen to radio or watch television advertisements.
Another way to attract more customers to a website is to offer something for free. One idea would be to offer free music downloads every time someone views the virtual video tour of the castle and in this way, the castle websites would receive more visitors and ultimately more visitors to the real world location.
Having an Internet presence as well as a real-world brick-and-mortar location will help increase a castle destination wedding website’s customer database and ultimately their real world locations revenue.

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