All you need to know about printer ink cartridges

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When it comes to printing, the technology has indeed developed a lot in the last few decades and today, companies can rely on their printers developing high end printed products. As a result, companies can now use both ink jet cartridges as well as laser ink cartridges to develop their products. But more often than not, you would find that most users cannot tell apart the two or the difference between both. And that’s why it is important that you take a closer look at the same, to see how they work and the difference between the both.

Ink jet cartridges

When it comes to ink jet cartridges, you will find that these cartridges are ink filled and that your printer uses the same to print out your copy as per specs. Ink jet cartridges come in different sizes but if your printer uses the standard sized model then you should know that the same can be a tad expensive, but then again, there’s no other alternative. So if you are operating a huge organization and need to streamline your budget, you may first want to calculate exactly how much ink jet cartridges your company uses in a month in order to work out your budget. And do remember that after the copy is printed, you may want to allow for some time to allow the print to dry and set in otherwise, the copy is going to get smudged.

Toner cartridges/ laser cartridges

Toner cartridges, especially laser cartridges are much more preferable in view of the high quality prints that they can deliver on. Apart from the quality, they also enable you to develop better, rich quality prints and even showcase the same in various other color tones as well, depending on the fact that your printer can support the other colors. Your printer uses a drum which uses the toner cartridge to print out the copy you need, as per specs. But one of the main reasons that most companies prefer laser printers to the other variant is that they are able to ramp up their productivity and print out much more. With increased productivity, these companies can handle larger volume of orders than earlier on. As far as printing is concerned, you need to go in for toner cartridge recycling, after a while and set up a fresh new cartridge for your printer.


Laser cartridges cost much more than the usual ink jet cartridges, but when you include the cost per paper and the fact that companies can handle larger volumes of work with laser printers than they could with ink jet printers, you would see that the cost per page comes down all the way.

Printers use one or the other, and if you are a new start up trying to compete with the others, then you would be better off going in for a laser printer as it is more effective and can enable you to ramp up the productivity of your company/ organization. Do remember that you need to turn off the printer, before you insert and install a new cartridge. Make sure that the printer is turned off and that you follow the directions listed in the manual accordingly. Remove the old cartridge and then insert the new one into place and after it has been installed accurately, your printer should start functioning normally. And of course, should you get ink on your hands as well as various fabrics, you may want to wash up right away, You can also use alcohol to break up the print ink molecules before washing your hand thoroughly with soap.

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