Monitored Security Alarm Systems Bring Total Peace Of Mind

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The technology of office security is undergoing constant improvement, and one of the biggest changes in technology has been the introduction of monitored security systems. These systems are monitored at a central location either by company staff or by a third-party security company, and often consist of monitored security keypads to monitor access to the building, an alarm system, two-way monitoring and a back-up system should the main system fail. This article will explore the various aspects of choosing a monitored security system and look at some of the considerations that needs to be borne in mind when purchasing a system.

Most security systems contain some sort of access security system in order to control who can enter and exit the building, and one of the main elements is a security keypad. The person enters a security code which opens the door or gate and lets them in. The advantage of a monitored access system is that access can be monitored out of hours. If someone entered the code incorrectly, the security monitoring company could confirm the identity of the person by contacting them through an intercom and asking for the correct code. This also cuts down on the amount of security false alarms since it gives time to correct the mistake.

Another way that a central monitoring company can aid in the security of commercial premises is by monitoring an alarm system with an audible delay. In this instance, if the alarm system is tripped, the audible alarm does not go off immediately, but is delayed. The central monitoring station can contact the employee or other person and give them time to supply the correct pass code before the alarm is set off. A central monitoring station can also monitor whether the alarm system has been set properly, and can notify the business owner if this is not the case.

Sometimes there may be a failure in the system, such as that caused by a failure of the telephone lines. The central monitoring station would notice this and ensure that the security back-up system was working properly, ensuring that there was no break in security coverage for the office. It would also contact the business owner and inform them of the failure so that the owner could take preventative action if need be.

Most business use a security company to monitor their security systems, since employing in-house staff to monitor the security system is expensive and require training. A third-party central monitoring company will provide a good service and without the need for the business owner to install in-house technology.

As should be obvious, there are many advantages to having a monitored security system installed. One of the biggest advantages is that the business owner can relax in the knowledge that the office security system is being monitored 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, and that any problems, such as a system failure, will be dealt with quickly. It also cuts down on false alarms, since the central monitoring station can verify the identity of an employee who makes a mistake with a security access code and disarm the alarm before the police are contacted. By bearing the above points in mind, it should be possible to find a centrally monitored security system that suits your needs and matches your budget.

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