Latest Bladder Control Problems A Thing Of The Past with New Technology

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You Are Here:Latest Bladder Control Problems A Thing Of The Past with New Technology

Many men who suffer from bladder control problems are relieved to hear about the latest technology that will help the problem discreetly, gently and without worry of infection or odors.
Many of the bladder control products available on the market today helped men lead normal, active and healthy lives without having to worry about being wet or putting in a new catheter every few hours and especially leaving the diapers behind. Men with limited mobility, because they are in a wheelchair for various reasons such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, polio, spinal injuries or whatever the case may be, can now participate in their life without the worry of stress incontinence holding them back.
The latest technology in male catheters has the device going outside instead of sticking inside where urinary tract infections could develop. These new devices also protect the skin by keeping it away from moisture and wetness, allowing it to be dry all day and all night long which is very important to someone with bladder control issues.
With this latest male catheter, it is easy to put on and is made to be worn 24 hours a day seven days a week and last up to 24 hours at a time. There is no worrying about having to find a restroom to change like with diapers and since it is an all enclosed unit, there is no need to worry about any odors.
Many doctors, nurses and caregivers recommend the latest incontinence treatment including the new bladder control devices for men that are simple to apply and last all day and all night without getting anyone wet or having to deal with unsightly diapers and their odors. Men who suffer from incontinence often retreat into their own world when they have to wear diapers because of the rustling they make when they walk or move and the obvious odors they leave behind. This often leads to depression and withdrawal from loved ones which can now be avoided with the latest male catheter that eliminates the need for bulky diapers. Men are rejoining their lives and finding that the discrete and comfortable male catheter is just what the doctor ordered.
Recent research studies have shown that the latest technology in male catheters make a world of difference not only to the men wearing them, but to their caregivers and loved ones as well. When a man wearing a new male catheter can sleep through the night without getting wet and so can his partner, then that is a big achievement. If the wife or partner is not the main caregiver, and there is a caregiver that comes to the house to help a man who has limited mobility, then their job is made easier without having to change diapers and make sure the man is comfortable and is not wet all the time.

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