Know how giving away old cars to car wreckers can save the environment!

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You Are Here:Know how giving away old cars to car wreckers can save the environment!

Are you one of those people who are holding onto their super old car which has reduced to a junk? It is understandable if you are too attached to your car since a lot of memories are associated with it. But at the end of the day, is it worth it? The law of the universe states that the old has to go in order to make way for the new to get created. Same goes for your car too. If you have a fifteen year old car, then you should really stop and think for a while whether it is more economical to continue repairing it, or just buying a brand new car will be more worthwhile?

A junk car is more of a burden to us. They tend to unnecessarily occupy the garage space where you could store something else more worthwhile. Keeping an old car out on the street can also cause a lot of hazard in the society. So, the best thing to do in this case would be to give away your car to Adelaide car wreckers.  HS Car Removals is one of the best car wrecking services in Adelaide. They offer a wide range of services that are related to buying a car. Services like car removal, cash for cars, dismantling and car wrecking are few of the many services provided by them.

Environmental benefits of choosing car wrecking services

The condition of Earth’s environment is deteriorating with every passing day. So, we as dwellers should be responsible enough to try and reduce the adverse impact on this planet. If you didn’t know then you could do a great deal for the environment by just giving away your old wrecked car. Here’s how:

  • Waste: Giving away your old car to car wreckers helps in reducing the total amount of waste generated by a great deal. Junk cars are almost useless. They are beyond usage — so the probability of them turning up on the landfills is high, unless you give them to wreckers for salvaging the parts. You must know that billions of tonnes of waste get generated every year. However, landfill space is limited on this planet. So many hazardous wastes end up laying barren by the roadside due to lack of landfill space. This affects the environment adversely. So, if you give away your car to car wreckers instead, a large amount of landfill space will be saved annually, where some other harmful waste can be buried instead.
  • Metal: Metals are extracted from under the earth’s surface by the process of mining. Mining is an extremely harmful activity, and completely destroys the area upon which the mining takes place. For manufacturing cars, metals have to be extracted in huge quantity for transforming them into all the parts that we see in our cars. Instead, if we would give away our junk cars to the car wrecker, they would salvage the car parts and recycle them. Giving the old car parts a second life can reduce mining by a huge amount, and thus save the environment.
  • Pollution: Car contains a lot of substances that can be really harmful for the environment. Things like power steering fluid, battery acid and antifreeze potion can adversely affect the environment. A junk car on the average contains five to ten gallons of these harmful chemicals. If these chemicals aren’t handled and disposed properly, they can get into the soil and water system, and cause widespread pollution. This can indirectly lead to serious health problems in humans and animals who consume those polluted water. Also, the car batteries should never be just thrown away. They contain lead, and if leaked, can cause serious pollution. So, handing over your junk car to car wrecker will ensure that none of these mistakes happen.

These are the few ways by which you can save the environment just by giving away your junk car. It is high time to take responsibility and reduce our footprint as much as possible.


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