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When it comes to the world of computers there are a lot of things you don’t need to have, but when it comes to anti-virus software it is not negotiable. Warnings about scams, phishing and online fraud are everywhere and one way to avoid being a victim is by getting the right kind of protection for your computer and ensuring your safety. You can follow an It blog to stay updated about the newest threats and scams- unfortunately some people make a career out of it.
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Every computer is at risk of getting a virus on it; viruses are commonly downloaded from the internet or from external disks and USB drives plugged into your computer. If you want to avoid falling victim to the many threats and scams out there you need to get anti-virus software installed on your computer.
Viruses Can Cause The Following Problems On Your Computer:
Slow performance
System crashes
Damage to your hard drive
Access and abuse of your personal information
Loss of important information on your computer
Common Threats When Using The Internet
The internet has become a global business and this applies to threats and scams as well. The following are common threats that anti-virus software will be able to eliminate.
Trojan horse
This is a virus that is commonly used to steal passwords and access personal information.
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A worm
When you download a worm form the internet, the virus will multiply itself as many times as possible and self-copy to your disk drives. This kind of virus can cause extremely slow performance and can be copied form one network to another; thus worms are very threatening to organizations.
While this virus will not infect or damage your computer it will attempt to get access to your personal information and will monitor your internet browsing habits. Credit card details and banking details get stolen and misused in this way and many people have fallen victim to identity theft through spyware.
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Phishing is a huge problem on the internet and consist of people who try to obtain your personal information through scams. The problem with phishing is that the emails sent to you look very legitimate, therefore many people get tricked into thinking they have received an email from their bank; but when they click on the link or respond to the email their personal and financial information or identities are stolen for criminal activities.
How Will Anti-Virus Software Take Care Of Viruses On My Computer?
The software will either repair, quarantine or delete an infected file on your computer. Anti-virus software makes browsing the internet a lot safer and scans every single file you download before allowing it onto your computer. You will be notified when websites are not certified, when a threat was found and removed from your computer, and your personal information will be kept safe.

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