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An honest internet service provider review is what everyone wants when looking for an internet service. If you could just know the pros and cons of a certain ISP, then you could make an informed decision. With my help, you will learn all there is needed to know when it comes to subscribing to an internet service provider. You will also get the best, unbiased, internet service provider review that I can give you.

Everyone wants there internet service to be fast, reliable, secure, and cheap. The problem is that not all are, and it is hard to determine which ISP’s have those qualities. There are also so many ISP companies that the decision is even tougher. That is why you need to check out my internet service provider review’s below.

Dial Up vs. Broadband

First of, let me state that I love broadband internet. Nothing is better then being connected to the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Then on top of all that, it is very fast! Imagine web pages showing up immediately, downloading a MP3 in a minute, looking at high resolution images and so many more benefits. On top of all that, the price is almost the same. That is why when someone even considers getting dial up, I tell them no way! I mean come on, it’s the future and high speed internet is available, so why would you not get it. If you already didn’t know, you can get broadband internet through your phone line (DSL) or your television cable (Cable).

Some people though have no choice but to get dial up if they live in remote areas, or just can’t afford that extra $15 or so a month. For these people, I recommend PeoplePC Internet service. My internet service provider review for Earth Link is that they are the best dial up service around and the monthly cost is just under $10.

DSL vs. Cable

DSL and Cable internet connections are both broadband and very fast. The difference between the two is DSL comes through your phone line, and Cable comes through your television cable. So which one is better? Well that all depends on one thing in my opinion, and that is bandwidth. See the more people in your area connected to the same ISP service as you, makes the connection slower. As this is true for both DSL and Cable, with DSL it is less of a problem. For some reason Cable is affected more then DSL when a lot of people are surfing at the same time. But still, Cable is very fast and usually those slow times do not happen that much.

My internet service provider review for Verizon DSL is five stars all the way. If you live in a highly populated area then you might want to get DSL and not Cable. But if you don’t live in a highly populated area then Cable would be a better choice. That is my broadband internet service provider review for DSL and Cable.

New Fiber Optic Internet Service

Want your internet to go as fast as the speed of light? Then sign up forVerizon FiOS . This revolutionary new internet service uses Fiber Optictechnology that sends laser generated pulses of light on hair-thin strands of glass fiber, to your computer. Since light is the method of data transfer, your data will move at the speed of light, and we all know that light is the fastest thing in the universe. I haven’t got the chance to use FiOS yet, but my internet service provider review for Verizon is good. They have great service, good DSL speeds, and I imagine FiOS is darn near perfect.

Speed and Bandwidth

In my opinion, speed is the most important factor of your internet service. If the service is too slow, then what is the point of even having the internet if it takes you 10 minutes just to see a web site. Then again, you may accidentally get to fast of a internet service and end up paying more for speed you don’t even need! What you want is just the right amount.

Some factors that determine your ISP’s speed is your service plan, bandwidth usage, and the ISP companies servers. Your service plan is up to you, but the computer servers are decided by the ISP company. That is why I recommend an ISP that is a big company with a large subscriber base like Verizon.

Bandwidth usage has the biggest effect on your internets speed. If there are a lot of people using the internet at the same time, on your ISP, then your speed will decrease. For example, one on hand your internet might be fast during the day, but not around night time. This is something every internet user, especially broadband subscribers, have to worry about. Really the only way to know if this is a problem is to subscribe to the ISP, use it for a week and see for your self, or check out my internet service provider review .

Internet Phone Service

Best Internet BrowserThe internet phone revolution is changing the world, and you should definitely hop on it. AInternet phone service is exactly that, your phone service, but through the internet. At first when people here that, they think that you have to talk on the computer or something. Well there are services like that, but a true internet phone service doesn’t work like that. Whether you have DSL or Cable, it will work with your regular phone and the voice quality is the same. So then why would you want it? Since it uses the internet instead of phone lines, there are no charges by the minute, just a monthly fee.

When you browse the internet, you want smooth sailing all the way. No glitches and you want every web site to show up properly. If you want the best internet browser then I can help you. The only browser most people know of is Internet Explorer from Microsoft. If decide just to stick with the same old browser, then how will you ever know what you are missing. Things like themes, sounds, and connectivity are all factors that change from browser to browser. So follow that link and see what you are missing!

Internet Speed Test

Are you not sure whether or not your internet access is even up to par? Then an internet speed test is something you might want to do. If the results keep showing that your internet is going slow, then you should print a copy of the test and show it to your ISP. They might be more likely to help you out and fix the bandwidth problem. No matter what my internet service provider review is, a speed test is the ultimate way for you to see your ISP’s true speed and reliability.


If you network your house, then every room could have internet access. You could also do things like immediately transfer videos, pictures, emails and MP3’s from one room to another. Not to mention you can play online games against other household members, on different television sets! The internet service provider review’s above allow networking, but some ISP’s may charge extra for each computer.

Online Gaming

If you love to play games online, like me, then you want the fastest broadband internet service available. As you probably already know, the speed of your internet can determine the outcome of your online games. I recommend Verizon DSL for all of the online gamers out there, and I think there is no better service when it comes to speed. My internet service provider review’s all have the ability for online gaming.

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