Integrated Security Systems: The Total Security System

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When most people think of security, they think of a single element in a security strategy, such as the burglar alarm or the CCTV surveillance cameras. But nowadays, with the increasing sophistication of security technology it is possible to have a totally integrated security system which pulls together many elements. By doing this you can greatly add to the overall security of the office. There are several elements to an integrated security system, and these are mainly an access control system, a video surveillance system, and a central monitoring station. There is also the chance to integrate the security system with an employee time and attendance system. This article will look at these main points and what needs to be considered before purchasing a system.

The access control system is at the heart of the overall security system. It can be used to control access to external gates, external doors, and give access privileges to either a single room or whole sections of a building. The type of hardware used to identify an employee can be a simple keypad on which the employee keys an access code, a card reader, or even a biometric security system which reads fingerprints or carries out retinal scans. Sometimes a keypad will also have a card reader which takes note of the employee’s identity so that it is possible to which employee went where, and when certain doors were opened and by whom.

The video surveillance system can be used to keep track of external gates and doors, and also to keep a watch on external areas within the office compound. It can also be used internally to keep a watch on high security areas such as computer rooms and areas where sensitive data is held. The video security system can be integrated with the access control system by recording the employee as they pass through the door or gate, and taking note of the time the employee used the access point.

In order to integrate the system properly it may be necessary to make use of a central monitoring station, which will ensure that all aspects of the system are running smoothly at all times. The central monitoring station can also carry out checks if the alarm is tripped, either by someone keying in a wrong access code on a keypad or by tripping a passive infrared sensor (PIR). By using an intercom on the keypad the monitoring station can speak to the employee and cancel the alarm if it was a mistake with the access code.

In some situations, employees may be required to clock on and clock off work in order that their salary or wages are calculated. In this case the time and attendance software can be integrated with the access control system to give an accurate record of when an employee entered and left work. This is a fairly complex integration, but could be worth it for the larger organizations looking for a totally integrated security system.

As can bee seen, there are many elements to building a fully integrated security system, and professional advice will be needed to ensure that things like the access control system and the video surveillance system work properly in tandem. In order to check whether the integrated system is a good way to go, take advice from a professional security company and only after proper consideration of the costs and benefits decide whether this approach to office security is right for your company.

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