Instant Alarm Security Systems: Great For Basic Security Needs

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Everyone is familiar with the sound of a burglar alarm going off, and may have heard it from their own burglar alarm system in the house, which is more than likely what is called an instant alarm security system. But instant alarm systems can also be used as part of an office security system or a security set up for any type of commercial premises. In this article we will look at what an instant alarm security system consists of, what the plus and minus points are, and what type of office or business premises might use this type of system, as well as consideration when buying one.

An instant alarm security system is the oldest type of security system and the one that many people are the most familiar with. In its simplest form there will be a control panel which will control a system consisting of passive infrared sensors, door and window contacts and possibly access control systems. Whenever any of these devices are tripped, such as an unauthorized person walking into an infrared beam, attempting to force a door, or supplying the wrong passcode for the access control system, a loud siren will be set off, alerting police and neighbors that there is possibly an intruder in the building. The siren is set off immediately that the security breach occurs, and is opposite to the delayed systems which contact the business owner or monitoring unit before setting off the audible siren.

There are certain advantages to an instant alarm system, and one of these is that the alarm may well scare an intruder away before he has chance to do any real damage to the office or business property. If the alarm was delayed, there is more chance for damage to occur. The other advantage is that these systems are usually inexpensive to install, since they are usually simple. This also has cost implications, since there is no need for a central monitoring unit, which may well be too expensive a price tag for some businesses.

The minus point of these types of systems is that the instant alarm makes it very unlikely that the perpetrator of the crime will be caught. The alarm sounding is usually a reason for the criminal to escape. This may not bother some business owners, but if the criminal is a person who actually works for the organization it might be better to catch them then their identity can be know, With instant alarm systems there is also more chance of false alarms, since there is no time to deactivate the alarm if for instance an employee mistakenly supplies the wrong code to a keypad on an access control system.

The instant alarm system is a simple security setup, and may well be suited to businesses which require nothing more than the most basic security. If the business is surrounded by other businesses, then an instant audible alarm may well not even have the effect of deterring a burglar, since they may well be no-one to hear the alarm. However, this system does provide a basic deterrent, and is better than nothing. It gives basic security.

It can be seen that there are several points to consider when deciding on whether to install an instant alarm system. They are relatively easy to install and can be inexpensive when compared to more complex audible delay systems which are monitored by a central monitoring unit. Before deciding on this type of system it would probably pay to take the advice of a professional security consultant and check out the various offerings by different vendors.

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