Hardwired Security Systems: Simple Yet Effective

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Although the technology of burglar alarms and overall security systems has improved, there are still many systems which function perfectly well on standard technology. One of these is the hardwired security system, which is among the most simple office security systems out there. The first thing to know of course, is what a hard wired system actually is, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and when should a commercial building look at the option of installing a hardwired security system. This article will look at these points and outline a few considerations that need to be taken when looking to install a system.

So what is a hardwired security system? Simply put, a hard wired security system is one that uses physical wires in order for it to function. The security system, whether it is a simple alarm system, an access control system or a mixture of the two, will have a control panel and access keypads, which are connected to the alarms by cables which are usually run under the floors or carpets, and then up walls and above the ceiling panels. A hard wired system is the opposite from a wireless system, which relies on radio waves to send the signals from the security control panel to the alarms and passive infrared (PIR) sensors.

The advantages of fitting a hard wired system are mainly to do with cost and the ability to use existing wiring that was once used for a previous security system. Hard wired systems tend to be on the inexpensive side, especially when the alarm system is a simple one, such as that used only for the front entrance to an office and maybe to supply an audible alarm to the back door of the business premises. The technology of the hard wired alarm system is simple, and this keeps costs down. That doesn’t mean that a hard wired system can’t be used for larger security alarm projects, but when the amount of security system cabling begins to be excessive, it may be worth your while to look at other options. If you already have had a security alarm system installed and you simply want to update it, you can use the cabling from the previous system as this makes economic sense.

The disadvantages of the hard wired system are that the work needed to install the system can be large, especially when the system is complicated. Since all the different parts of the alarm system, such as the access keypads, the control panel and the infrared sensors, need to be connected, there can be a great deal of disruption to the office environment, since the installation will entail lifting carpet, and maybe flooring, as well as drilling holes in ceiling panels. With this in mind, if the security system is complicated, it might be worthwhile to look at a wireless system instead, which might be more expensive but less disruptive to install.

The time when it might be feasible to install a hardwired system is when the cabling already exists from a previous security system installation, or when the job in not complex, and perhaps entails fitting just a few door and window contacts plus a few infrared sensors.

As you can see, there are some advantages to having a hard wired system installed and some disadvantages. Before deciding whether a hard wired security alarm system is right for your office security needs, it is probably better to consult a professional security consultant or security alarm installer. By doing some basic research you are far more likely to get a security system which fits the needs of your business.

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