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Disc data recovery is the concerning factor of recovering the data from the hard disk, which has lost the firm of its reading sector. The hard disk damage, broken or damaged hard disk drives, damaged or corrupted file systems, redundant array of independent disks (RAID) system failures, virus, lightning, natural disasters, accidental deletions, employee sabotage, and accidental reformat result in the loss or corruption of important files on hard discs and involves the process of recovering the data using the data recovery tools.

Hard disk is one of the places where we can store the required data. These data are read in the format of sectors. If these sectors get damaged, then it is not possible to get the required information. In order to retrieve the required information, we use the disc data recovery tools.

The method of recovering the data from the medium is done in various steps. For example to recover a corrupted excel file, the procedure is primarily to close down excel, reopen it and try to open the file again. If this method of recovering an excel file does not work, restart the computer, open up excel and try to open the file again.

The files that are corrupted should respond to this task but if this method does not work, delete the contents of your c:\windows\temp directory then reboot and try again. Another method is to open excel in safe mode. This will disable Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA) and add-ins. Click on Start, then click on run and then enter (including the quotes and the /s extension): “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\excel.exe” /s [“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\excel.exe” /s (for Excel 2002, Office XP, click cancel if the MS Office Installer starts, Excel in safe mode will still start)] and then try to open the file.

If none of the above said methods work, it is wise to scan the file for viruses. Make sure your macro heuristics scanning option is turned on. IT administrator can help you know how to do this. If you do not find a virus, find the file in Explorer, right click on it and rename it, replacing the .xls extension with the .doc extension and try to open it as word document. Thus disc data recovery is the main factor, which turns to be a life rescuer for all the data base administrations.

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