Different Types Of Exit Systems: Which One Is Best?

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As well as stopping intruders and burglars from getting into a building or office complex, a highly grade office security system will also stop intruders from getting out easily, and so giving the authorities the chance to catch them in a criminal act. This is known as the exit system. There are essentially two types of exit systems, which are free exit systems and controlled exit systems. This article will look at the two types and discuss some of the considerations to be given when fitting an exit control system such the various methods of exit control that can be employed, the use of employee tracking as part of an exit control system, and some of the safety issues that may arise.

A free exit system has very little if any security function. In order to exit a certain room or area of the building, the employee simply needs to push a button or turn a handle on the door. In some case an infrared sensor will sense the approach of someone and automatically unlock the door. This type of exit system is usually used only in places with very low security concerns. For greater security, it can be better to look at a controlled exit system. A controlled exit system, as the name implies, gives some level of control over the exit of an employee from a certain area of the office or a certain room by using various methods.

One of the simplest methods of control is the security keypad, on which the employee keys in a code, often the same code that as used to enter the secure area. This is a fairly low level of security, but does at least offer some basic protection. A higher level of security can be obtained by integrating the keypad with a card reader, especially if the card carries information about the employee. A card reader will show that there is more chance of the person being someone with legitimate security access, and if personal details are included on the card, the exit control system will be able to identify the employee personally. Proximity security systems can be used for card readers, which read the card using infrared technology. For even greater security, biometric systems can be used, though these are expensive.

If the exit control system is integrated with time and attendance software, a high degree of employee tracking can take place. This usually entails the system being integrated with access control software, sometimes provided by an outside company.

There are some safety issues with controlled exit systems, in that the exit doors must be automatically unlocked in the case of a system failure. This is to safeguard against employees becoming trapped in certain areas in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

As is obvious, choosing an exit control system has many options and is an important part of the security strategy as is the access control. The main considerations are the level of security required and the type of technology used to control the exit of personnel. Before choosing an exit control system it might be best to consult a professional access control provider in order to work out the correct strategy.

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