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Data recovery software is highly useful when data is lost or corrupted. There are various formats in which data are present and stored like in partition tables, boot records, master file tables and root directories. Errors occur in these formats due to wrong formatting or due to virus attacks. Data present in them tend to get lost due to these errors. Under such circumstances, special software must be used for the new technology file systems (NTFS) like GetDataBack-data recovery for NTFS V2.31 or restorer2000 standard NTFS that helps recover data that is lost or corrupted

But if these partition tables or boot records were damaged due to power failure, then software like GetDataBack –data recovery for file allocation table (FAT) 2.31 or restorer2000 standard FAT must be used. These data recovery software are mainly meant for files, and they scan each file sector-by-sector for lost or corrupted files and form a tree according to the file type. The software then scans through all file types and restores the lost file.

The file formats are documents, spread sheets, graphic, Internet, multimedia, source code and word processor. The software we use gives an option to select the type of file format before recovering the lost file. When it is necessary to recover images that are worn out or are not clear, there is DriveImage XML software that enables the users to recover image files and make byte-by–byte copies of images and restore them in their original form. It helps us recover, view and store the recovered images in fresh image files and also create backup for the same.

Data recovery is not only deployed for technical purposes it also finds place in forensic departments. When data files or images are needed in more precise or clear format for the forensic experts and the source is blurred, they go in for special data recovery software like CaptianNemo and DriveLook. It is always better to safe guard our valuable data and avoid it being lost hence there is software like firewalls that would protect computers from being attacked by virus or other Trojan horses.

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