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Data recovery experts are basically experts involved in the process of data recovery. They are software professionals who are well acquainted with cases of data loss and they master all the software tools that are required to recover data from its affected sources. They are responsible for retrieving information and valuable data that are lost or corrupted in computers or memories used in various departments of the government, organizations, companies, educational institutes and other facilities. The process of data recovery is a truly complicated process, so it is left to the experts in computer technology.

Data recovery basically means to recover any lost or damaged information within a computer system due to some logical error or physical damage. Data recovery experts review and check databases, servers, storage media, memories like Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), hard drive, network and even supercomputers and workstations for corrupted or damaged data.

When your hard drive clicks, scratches or makes noises or when your system keeps on rebooting or shows blue screens, or when an error message like ‘Drive is not formatted’ appears, it implies that some file is damaged or corrupted.

The first step when any of these happens is to switch off your computer as quickly as possible. Then make a note of what exactly happened. Finally, it is required that you contact a data recovery expert. A data recovery procedure can’t guarantee the recovery of all data, as it depends on the extent of damage caused to your system. When physical damage happens to a system, there is always a chance that some data is lost. So to minimize the loss we have to contact a data recovery professional immediately.

Data recovery experts initially would analyze the type of damage done to the file and create a copy of the original file for safety. If the damage is physical in nature, data recovery experts implement steps like cleaning, sampling and cutting and remolding the copy of the source making it close to the original version. If the damage done to the file is logical, data recovery experts utilize software methods to recover the data from the damaged file or system. The main job of a data recovery professional is to help in the speedy recovery of valuable data whenever there is a problem and to assist in backing-up systems.

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