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CRT computer monitors may lack the benefits of an LCD monitor, but the price is one way they beat LCD’s. Since CRT’s have been around longer then any other display type, they can cost around $50 or so. But, they can also cost more then LCD’s, because of higher quality parts. Before you buy a CRT computer monitor, read this page and make sure to write down important information.

Important Monitor Terminology

There is a lot of lingo that is involved when you are buying a monitor. In fact sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. A monitor can be bought and hooked up by anyone, so usually the average person is one buying a CRT computer monitor. Well I got news for you, the average person does not know what monitor they need or should get. They usually just go with what looks best to their eyes. Well that is what you should do for the most part, but it’s the minor details where people go wrong. For example, did you know your video games will look better or worse depending on there resolution? Your movies also only look as good as your CRT computer monitor resolution lets them. That is why you need to remember some of these terms listed below, when purchasing your new CRT computer monitor.

Resolution– A monitors resolution refers to the number of pixels in the whole image. For example, a resolution of 1280 by 1024 means that 1024 lines are drawn from the top to the bottom of the screen, and each of these lines is made up of 1280 separate pixels—and in turn, each dot may have any number of combinations of red, green and blue intensities. As the resolution increases, the amount of information on the screen increases. It then takes longer to redraw the screen. In general, a higher resolution will let you see more of the total workspace. That is, images get smaller with the higher resolution. Therefore the larger the resolution required, the larger the notebook screen needed.

Plug and Play – This means exactly what it say’s. You just plug the device (monitor) in, and it is ready for use by you.Response time – When referring to an LCD display, a response time is how many frames can be displayed in a second. Response time is very important for users who are considering an LCD display and plan to use that display for full motion video.

Buying a CRT Discount Computer Monitor

If you have decided to purchase a CRT computer monitor other then a flat panel LCD, plasma, etc. then I suggest you go for something between 15 and 19 inches, and a resolution of no less then 1024 x 768. You will see the monitor’s specs when purchasing online, or ask a person working at the local store you are purchasing from. If you go any lower then that in resolution, you will be losing picture quality. Before you buy your CRT computer monitor though, I have something to say. LCD monitor’s are much lower in price these days and cost just about as much as a CRT monitor does. So if you can, purchase a LCD monitor. I promise you won’t be disappointed. They use less space, power, and the picture quality is nothing short of awesome!

Other Computer Display Types

There are many other types of display’s that are better then a CRT computer monitor. Let’s see what they are below.


LCD is an abbreviation for Liquid-crystal display. LCD is a flat display technology used in laptops, calculators and the majority of flat screen displays. LCD displays are available as an active matrix, dual-scan or passive-matrix display.


Plasma displays produce incredibly rich images that are remarkably realistic. The technology that mixes the plasma palette does so by trapping gas between sheets of glass. Plasma is less expensive than cheap LCD monitors, especially in the over 40-inch sizes.


DLP televisions are usually less expensive than their LCD and Plasma counterparts. However, the trade-off is their much thicker screen. DLP’s are a form of rear-projection television, which is the slim digital successor to the old rear projection models. DLP TVs create pictures in a special chip at the rear of the set. This chip contains thousands of tiny mirrors that project the picture onto the back of the screen, which is simpler and less expensive than LCD or Plasma screens. As a result, you get exquisite picture quality at a very affordable price.

Video Card Adapter

Another computer part that will determine the quality of your CRT computer monitor’s picture is your video card (AKA graphics card) that you have installed. The video card processes the information that is sent to your CRT computer monitor. So the higher quality your graphics card is, the better your picture will be on your CRT discount computer monitor.

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