Copic Markers – The Preferred Choice of Creative People

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Everyone likes a colorful world. A sketch without colors would appear faded and lifeless. Colors enhance the creativity and bring out the natural essence of any picture. For art and craft lovers, copic markers have entirely changed their way of coloring. These markers are available in 358 colors and are refillable. The inks that are used to refill the markers can be mixed to create new colors and empty markers. These markers have two tips to cover a wide range of uses. They have a chisel style tip at one end and a brush tip at the other.

These copic sketch have a round tip and use permanent, non toxic and alcohol-based ink. They have replaceable nibs with a square body for easy grip and no rolling. You can expand your collection of colors by easily filling the pens with different inks as required. These pens are packed in 12, 36 and 72 piece sets and come in a clear plastic case. You can easily choose a colored marker and start giving color to your imaginations. These markers can be chosen on the basis of number of colors, airbrush compatibility, ink capacity and nib types.

As these colored pens are low in odor, so you do not even need to worry about using them in a small room. The body markings embossed on the pen also do not rub off even after repetitive usage. Environment friendly and convenient to use these pens are easily blendable. The ink of these markers does not harm the paper surface and being alcohol based will not even get washed away. Provided with replaceable tips they can be refilled and the refill bottles are also recyclable. These marker pens are filled with Ethanol that is manufactured from plants and no form of animal products are used in the markers or inking pens.

These pens work superb irrespective of the way they are stored. Short period usage or cold will not affect these inking pens as they have completely air tight caps. They can be submerged in water or left in the sun without worrying about the ink getting evaporated till the cap is sealed. They leave a permanent impression on paper, leather, wood, fabrics, plastic, faux, fur and glassy surfaces.



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