Connect LANs Easily with Wireless Bridges

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Wireless LANs are gaining importance day by day in today’s world as they are used to connect the LANs wirelessly. Wireless bridges are hardware components that can connect two or more LANs which are physically separated. Sometimes this bridge can even be in the form of software and is available in different feature combinations and prices. The Point to Point wireless mode connects two LAN segments using two bridge units. In some cases one unit is sent to master mode and the other to slave mode. Other upgraded products also allow controlling multiple bridge units which are connected by entering the MAC address of the unit at the other end of the bridge.

Many of the wireless access points are compliant with the IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standards. The bridging of LANs can even be made through wireless distribution system which creates a transparent level 2 wireless bridge between two or more points. Connecting multiple farm buildings is an example of wireless bridging. Two bridged networks could be treated as parts of single subnet under Internet Protocol. Since the computers are on the same subnet broadcasts will reach all machines allowing DHCP clients in one segment to get their addresses from a DHCP server in a different segment.

However one Point to Multi-Point mode constructs a network that has multiple bridge units talking to each other wirelessly. But there are differences in implementation as some products use a single master and multiple slave units while others use a mode that sets all units in a multi-point network to a Point to Multi-Point mode. Workgroup bridges are also used for connecting wireless networks to larger wired Ethernet networks. Workgroup Bridge acts as a wireless client on the wireless LAN and then interfaces to a wired network. The wired side may then connect directly with a single wireless microphone headset device or to an Ethernet hub or switch that connects multiple devices.

Bridging refers to the propagation of data across a device; this has been proved to be most helpful medium for connecting over different LANs without the need of any wires. However the scope of bridging is vast and could not be covered in a single topic. But this article can prove to be useful in providing you with the basic bridging concept.

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