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Computer add ons are really what make a PC a Personal computer. Everything from speakers to printers is considered add ons and will determine your computers quality most of the time. For example, what good is watching a video on your computer if you don’t have any speakers for the sound?

Computer add ons are a major industry that’s also largely responsible for widespread use of personal computers. When shopping for components to add on to a computer, you need to keep two important things in mind:

  1. Make sure the component can plug into your computer.
  2. Does it match your computers color and look?

Matching a computer add on to your PC’s color is of course optional, but if you don’t it will make your computer stick out like a sore thumb in your home or office. Isn’t just nice to make everything look good!

Next we will discuss the various computer add ons that just about everyone needs for there computer. If your computer already came with these add ons, or you already have them, then you don’t need to buy them and you are set. If the current computer add ons you have just don’t do the job, then read on.


Your computers speakers are especially important for music, video and video games that you play on your PC or laptop. The sound quality is determined by the amount of channels you have, the sound card, subwoofer support and a few other options that a novice might not understand.


If you are someone who prints a lot of documents, or just use it a couple times a year, you need a good printer that will get the job done. Since the success of the home computer, printers have become very low priced and mainstream, while quality has risen. This is great for the consumer because it takes the guess work out of buying a printer.
Mouse and Keyboard

Perhaps the most important part of a computer is the mouse and keyboard. Without these you really can’t do anything. Also, your computers keyboard and mouse determine the comfort level you will have when typing and moving around the mouse. This makes it very important not just to have a good computing experience, but also for your health.

External Storage Devices

Many of us take our work home and do it on the computer or on the road so we can work while we travel. Either way, a good external storage device with a good amount of space is something everyone could use, whether it is for work or play purposes, and will allow you to take your data anywhere. Imagine being able to bring all of your movies and music along with you to a friends, work or on the road!

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