Cochlear Implants Not For Everyone, AudioSync Or Bernafon May Have Answer In Latest Hearing Aid Technology

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You Are Here:Cochlear Implants Not For Everyone, AudioSync Or Bernafon May Have Answer In Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Maico Hearing Instruments, a hearing aid company out of Minnesota, was purchased by Bernafon of Europe and became known as Bernafon-Maico which markets a group of programmable hearing instruments called Audio-flex. This particular group of hearing aids was designed at the research and development department center at Bernafon in Switzerland; however the company will maintain its offices in Eden Prairie Minnesota.
Also joining in the arena of hearing aid production is a company known as AudioSync, no stranger to the hearing aid implements manufacturing business, also based in the United States.
According to the AudioSync website, advancements in multi-core and open architecture technology are making it possible for the people at AudioSync to invent hearing solutions more precise and powerful than ever before. What’s more important is their next-generation hearing instruments are creating broader appeal among a new generation of hearing professionals who placed equal emphasis on design and technology for their patients.
Many hearing-impaired or deaf patients find they are not good candidates for cochlear implants and therefore seek out the best possible hearing aids so that they may hear crisp, clear voices without static or whistling which was sometimes the case in the older model hearing aids.
Most young children are good candidates for cochlear implants because their hearing loss is not that profound as it is in adults. A cochlear implant requires a surgical procedure at an outpatient health care facility or perhaps a hospital, but the procedure is pretty straightforward and will help a person hear better through the cochlear implant because the wires are placed directly in the inner ear where the sounds vibrate and are sent to the brain for processing.
AudioSync feels they have the best hearing aids with the latest technology in their NOW Hearing Solutions with Synergy brand of hearing implements. Not only are these hearing aids considered “best in class” because of their comfort but because of their greater clarity as well as improved dictation and speech audibility.

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