Choosing Granite Worktops for your Kitchen

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Granite workshops  have gained immense popularity and have found place in almost all the kitchens, owing to its exquisite and sophisticated looks, and its durability. However, installing them is not an easy task as many people fall prey to fraudulent merchants who sell fake worktops which are replicas of granite but are very brittle and are made up of ordinary stone slabs.

Below cited are certain ways to choose and select genuine and quality granite workshops for your kitchen:

The first thing to do is to examine the luster and the shine of the work top. In case of the fake worktops, a polish is used which shines oddly when exposed to sunlight. There will be no change of colour in case of original worktops but a strange reflection will be noticed in case of the fake ones.
The thickness of the granite benchtops Melbourne has to be thoroughly examined and worktops with inconsistent variations should never be purchased. It is always better to go for worktops with greater thickness.
The hardness of the granite slab should also be tested. If you make noise on the granite slab with a spoon or knife, you would get a hollow noise. A quality worktop or granite worktops will not make any noise.
Usually all granite worktops have small holes on the surface called pitting. Although, this is a property of granite slabs but one must ensure that the worktop which he or she buys must have minimum holes and that they should be hardly visible. The slab with minimum holes shall be more durable and strong.
It is always better to purchase worktops that have very few joints or none at all. One single slab is always more strong than the one which has joints. Although, most designer worktops have joints but one should ensure that they are not big enough.
Lastly the water resistance of the worktop should be tested. Original granite will not absorb or hold water while fake ones shall get wet.

Thus, with these tips and suggestions, choosing a quality granite benchtops in Melbourne would be an easy task.

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