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A CD jewel case takes its name from the watchmaker’s terminology for the term jewel, which refers to a bearing in its mechanism. A CD jewel case too has two such bearings in its hinges. A CD jewel case is a transparent plastic case or container that holds a CD and liner notes. These notes are contained in a 12 cm x 12 cm booklet, or a single leaf of 12 cm x 24 cm folded in half.

These days, the “Super Jewel Box,” is a more advanced jewel case with a really strong hinge area. But it cannot serve as a replacement for the older CD jewel case as its card insert for the back varies in size. Other variations of the CD jewel case include the digipak sleeves, and larger cases of the DVD-style that resemble a book-like format.

Other CD jewel cases include:

Slim line jewel case: These cases are made from the same hard plastic material as a full-sized traditional jewel case, and are similarly fragile. They were first used for European CD singles, but are now used to burn CD-ROMs. They are half as thick as a standard CD jewel case, and accommodate twice the number of CDs. Stronger slim line jewel cases are made from semi-opaque, semi-flexible polypropylene, that can easily protect the disc.

Spindle or cake box: These are used for storage and to ship blank recordable CD and DVD media.

Paper or Tyvek Sleeve: These are the most basic and the least expensive package. Designed to be in a paper envelope, the more expensive versions of this have a transparent window on the envelope from which you can see the disc label. The envelope is made of spin-bonded polyethylene or brand name Tyvek, and is more durable and less abrasive than paper.

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