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If you want to know just what CD duplication means to people today, check out what teenagers use CDs for. You’ll find them using CD burners to download their favorite songs! Besides teenagers, companies too use CDs for duplicating and making back-ups of their software and documents.

And federal agencies use it to determine and interpret intellectual piracy and copyright laws that pertain to CD duplication in the music industry. If the music industry is grappling with this problem, can the movie industry be far behind? No, but here this industry is trying to figure out just how they can profit from CD and DVD duplication. This proves the attention that different sections of society focus on CD duplication, and in such an environment, perhaps it is right to turn your attention to your home CD duplication hardware if you want to make a profitable business of it.

To launch your business, you need a computer, a CD burner, CD duplication software, and a few blank CDRs. You will target your business to local bands and musicians, and small businesses.

Since small bands can’t spare the time to duplicate their CDs and small businesses find this very expensive to maintain, you can fill these gaps by offering them this service, besides making a neat profit for yourself.

Benefits of CD duplication are that they are less expensive than doing a full replication run, particularly when the need is low and it’s faster to use than a full CD replication run.

Sometimes, however, CD duplication can be more expensive than that of a full run. In the long run, though, the cost will be much lower. And, the duplicates won’t look like the original—either they will have blue or black burn marks that will make them look like duplicates.

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