Is your Car AC not working? It could be one of these Five Reasons!

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You Are Here:Is your Car AC not working? It could be one of these Five Reasons!

Imagine it’s a hot and humid summer day, you are out on the road, and suddenly your car’s air conditioner stops working. Won’t you be cursing your luck, and thinking that’s it’s your unluckiest day? Yes, anybody would. If you are like most of us out there, the mere thought of a conked out car air conditioner will conjure up feelings and terms like unpleasant, sticky, miserable, frustrating, etc. Getting it fixed and experiencing that burst of cold air again, might start feeling like sighting an oasis in the desert.

The air conditioner in your car works the same as the one at your home. It not only cools the air inside the vehicle, but also reduces the humidity content. There are five main constituents of an air conditioning system, namely, compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and expansion valve. A fault in any of these five parts can cause your vehicle’s air conditioning to break down (and make you break out into sweats). So, whenever anything wrong goes with your car’s AC, make sure to call over any professional who helps with a 24 hour air conditioner repair in Sydney, Kismet Mechanical offers such around the clock air conditioner repair services. You can be rest assured, that no matter where you are, they will be at your service.

5 common car air conditioner system problems

Our car’s AC system may be something that most of us take for granted, until there’s a problem with it. It could be anything, from taking a lot of time to cool to not defogging the windows properly. So, let us tell you, it’s nothing that you should take for granted. Call over for car service in Sydney, and you shall realize that these problems can prove to be quite costly, if not properly tended to. So, it’s best to be precautious and take the necessary steps to take care of your car’s AC. Make sure to keep an eye on the following common problems:

  • System leakage: Most of the times, a conked out air conditioner may be due to a low refrigerant, caused by a leakage. Leaking refrigerant is a dangerous chemical which will harm both the environment as well as your car’s engine. Quite often, the leak is in the compressor or hoses.
  • Noisy: Do you hear a strange noise every time you turn on the AC? Noise usually is a by-product of a dying compressor, but there can be other causes too. It can be due to a cross-contaminated refrigerant or maybe the use of an inappropriate lubricant. Holes or other broken parts in the system could also be the culprit.
  • Moist: If it feels moist inside your vehicle, there are certain reasons behind it. The common cause maybe the moisture or the debris that’s trapped inside the air conditioner system. Moisture build-ups in the hoses or in the assembly results in fluctuating air temperatures. If your AC is struggling really hard or not working at all, you need to get the electrical system checked.
  • Odours: Does the air smell funny every time you turn on the AC in the car? Do you notice weird smells coming out from the AC vents? If yes, then there may be bacteria build-up in the system, and can be rectified by flushing out the evaporator. It can also take place when the car’s AC system hasn’t been used for a while, like after the cold winters.
  • Cooling issues: And most importantly, if you are facing improper cooling in the car, there may be certain causes behind it. These are low refrigerant levels, broken condensers, cracked compressors, defective clutches, idle valves etc.

So, these are some of the most common air conditioner problems that you may need to get checked by professionals. Being precautious, and doing your best to avoid such problems, you will soon get your car blowing cool air out of the vents again. That will be some serious good news, right?


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