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Connect all your Devices to your PC Wirelessly

Bluetooth for PC can truly make data transfer between your computer and other devices a synch. Imagine being able to connect a device to your PC by just walking in the room. With Bluetooth technology it is all possible, and surprisingly not very expensive.

Bluetooth is a specification for the use of low-power radio communications to wirelessly link phones, computers and other network devices that are in the same room or small building. Why is it called Bluetooth? The name Bluetooth comes form Harald Bluetooth, who was a king in Denmark more than a thousand years ago.

The Bluetooth technology was created to support simple wireless networking of consumer devices and peripherals, which are cell phones, PDA’s, wireless headsets and any other device that connects to another one. The wireless signals transmitted in Bluetooth for PC only cover short distances, usually up to 10 meters, or 30 feet. Bluetooth technology transmits data at less than 1 MB per second.

Even though Bluetooth for PC utilizes the same 2.4 GHz range as 802.11b and 802.11g, Bluetooth technology is not a suitable Wi-Fi replacement. When compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology is much slower, has less range, and can support less devices then Wi-Fi can.

Bluetooth technology uses a dynamic topology called a piconet or PAN. Piconet’s can connect a minimum of two and a maximum of eight other Bluetooth devices. When using Bluetooth technology, your device communicates using protocols that are part of the Bluetooth specifications. Bluetooth Version 1.1 is in widespread use today, while other versions like 1.2 and 2.0 are under development.

The number one concern with Bluetooth technology, and Wi-Fi, is security and compliance with other network standards.

Bluetooth Products

Just about every consumer electronic on the market has or can have Bluetooth technology incorporated into it. Everything from MP3 players to PDA’s and even to the USB port on your standard PC! Since you can connect up to 8 devices, you basically have the ability to interconnect everything. Before you start buying, let’s look at the various different products that Bluetooth technology is ideal for.

Bluetooth Ear Piece and Headphones

Perhaps the most popular use for Bluetooth technology is a headset. Imagine being able to talk on the phone without having to use your hands. I know this technology has been around for some time now, but with Bluetooth technology it becomes even more convenient. You can also easily transfer the headset from one phone to another, something the old speakerphone technology could never do.


Your PDA can store all of your important data and other very important information. Usually you need that data transferred from the PDA to your PC or notebook computer. Traditionally this was done connecting via USB or Fire Wire. But with new Bluetooth for PC technology, you can connect your PDA to any computer with no wires and fast transfer speeds.

MP3 Players

The USB connection interface is used by just about all consumer electronics that need to connect to a computer. Well with the power of Bluetooth for PC, your USB device can connect to your computer without any wires. But not just one device, eight devices can be connected to oneUSB Bluetooth adapter . Imagine not having ever to hook any of devices up to your computer again when you need to do some data transferring.

If you have an MP3 player, then you know that you have to transfer the songs from your computer to the device to put and remove songs from it. Well if you use the power of Bluetooth for PC then you can transfer those songs without using a wire, you just have to walk in the room. I think Bluetooth and MP3 players go hand in hand. I haven’t seen any MP3 players with Bluetooth built in yet, but if your player connects via USB then you just need to buy a Bluetooth USB adapter.

Laptops Computers

If you have a laptop, then Bluetooth for PC technology is almost a necessity, especially if you use your notebook computer on the road a lot. When you are traveling, it is not fun to mess with wires and connecting various devices. If you buy a laptop with Bluetooth built in, then you have the ability to connect to most of your external devices without any wires.

Printers and Adapters

You might want to have your printer far away from your computer, in a more convenient location. Well the best way to handle that is by using Bluetooth technology. If your printer uses USB to connect to your PC, then a USB Bluetooth adapter would work fine. You could also buy a printer with built in Bluetooth, but then your computer must also have a built in or external Bluetooth connection. There are also parallel port Bluetooth adapters available on the market for older printers.

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