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African people are everywhere. In fact, one third of world’s population consists of black people. During the early days, there was tremendous color discrimination in countries like America and England. If people think that racial discrimination has been abolished, then they may be wrong. Even in this so called educated modern world, there are several instances of racial discrimination. Negroes are often been humiliated within streets of America and England. Humiliation of Negroes in public places is quite common. In fact, there are separate zones for black people to reside within most parts of America. The white people normally don’t step in those zones. A lot of facilities are not available within those zones. In fact, one may be amazed to hear that separate black magazines get published for these people.

The concept of publishing a black magazine was first proposed by Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was the first to propose this idea during his reign. In fact, during his presidential days, injustice on black people was much lesser. However, soon after his assassination, scenarios started to get deteriorated. Negroes were treated like street dogs. They were locked up in jail, beaten severely, and often transferred to remote isolated islands near the Caribbean Sea..

While speaking about African American magazine titles, there are some that have excelled in popularity. Some have been extremely popular globally. These magazines mostly feature cover stories about black community, religion, and celebrities. However, news about other topics is also featured, but that in small amount. Some of the top black urban magazine titles include American Legacy, Black Men, Black Enterprise, Ebony, and Essence.


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