Audible Delay Security Systems Give Wider Security Protection

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You Are Here:Audible Delay Security Systems Give Wider Security Protection

One of the biggest improvements in security system technology has been the introduction of audible delay security systems which set off the alarm but have a delay before the actual sirens make a noise and alert the criminal that he has triggered an alarm. With their ability to give more chance of catching the criminal in the very act of committing the crime, the use of monitoring stations which gives greater security, and their ability to help the business owner to cut down on false alarms all go to make audible delay systems a popular choice for those looking to increase security in their office.

The fact that the system can help to catch criminals as they are actually committing the crime is a very big plus point. As soon as a burglar alarm sounds, most criminals leave the scene and so give the police very little chance of catching them. If the alarm sounds immediately it makes it almost impossible to call the police in time. Catching a criminal while actually on the business premises will provide far stronger evidence than if the criminal is caught later. This is especially important if the criminal happens to be an employee of the company, since knowing such a persons identity is paramount to the security of the company.

An audible delay system will usually make use of a central monitoring station to monitor the system and check when the alarm is triggered. The central monitoring station is responsible for notifying the business owner or company security manager, and ultimately the police, when the alarm sounds. Since the system is under constant surveillance by a team of professionals, this leads to added security. As well as reporting on possible break-ins the central monitoring unit can also check periodically that the security system is functioning properly and take appropriate action if there are problems.

Another big plus of using an audible delay system is that it can help in cutting down greatly on false alarms. If the system is not monitored, then an employee who has unintentionally entered the wrong security code into an access control system or tripped a passive infrared (PIR) sensor will have a little time to provide the correct code to stop the alarm from sounding. If the system is monitored, the central monitoring station can contact the person who tripped the alarm, perhaps via an intercom on the access control system, and verify whether the person has the right to be there or not.

With these points in mind, it can be seen that an audible delay security systems has some big plus points, not the least being the higher probability of catching the criminal at the scene, greater security and cutting down on false alarms. There are many providers of this type of system, and the company considering installing one should contact several vendors and have a professional appraisal of the security needs of their office premises.

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