Access Control Systems: Knowing Who Goes In And Out

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The basic feature of any security system is to control and keep records of who goes in and out of a building or office compound. To do this an access control system is needed. In order to choose the right system for your office, there are some basic points to consider, such as how secure you need the system to be, how much control you need, what type of locks you want to use and whether the access control system needs to be integrated with other types of system. This article will look at these points and the considerations that need to be made when purchasing a system.

The main consideration to be made when looking at purchasing access control security systems is the level of security that will be required. There are different security access control solutions, and which one chosen will have implications for security as well as cost. The main choice is what type of technology will be used to identify staff or possible intruders. Keypads are one of the main types, with an access code being punched in to allow access. The other type is card access control systems, which allow access after an employee inserts a card into a card reader. For higher security, fingerprint security systems can be chosen, as can biometric identification systems.

The level of control is the next major consideration. There are essentially two types of control: free exit control or controlled exit. These two types of door control systems differ in the way they allow a person to exit rather than enter. A free exit control system usually requires that the employee operates a handle or presses a button in order to enter. This means there is no control over exit. A controlled exit system requires the employee either to key an access code into a keypad or insert a card into a card reader. In effect, exit and entrance have the same level of security. Controlled exit systems are usually more expensive, though do offer more security.

The type of locks used on door and gates needs to be considered. There are essentially two types, which are electric strikes or magnetic locks. Both offer a good element of security, though some may be better for certain types of security doors. The main thing is that the locks need to be of the type that a security system can control electronically, and doors will need to be specially fitted when the office security system is installed.

For the highest possible security, the office access control system can be integrated with other types of security system, such as a video surveillance security system and even time and attendance systems. When this is done, it might be worth considering having an application service provider to control your access control system. The company will run your integrated system from a central monitoring unit and should provide 24-hours a day security surveillance.

With all this to take into account, it should be obvious that choosing an access control system takes some time and thought, since the system can range from the simple (controlling access to just one door) to the extremely complex, controlling access to hundreds of door and gates across many sites and the whole system integrated with video security surveillance. To get a better idea of your office security needs as regards access control, it might be an idea to ask a professional security firm to visit your office and carry out a full security survey.

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