Access Control System Software: The Heart Of The Access System

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An access control system is only as good as the software that controls it, and so it is essential when choosing your office security system that you pay some attention to the access control software. The main things to think about when choosing software is that the package should allow you to set access levels for different employees and doors, should enable the printing of reports and enable security staff to conduct security audits, and should also be easy to use. Here we will look at these points in turn and discuss some considerations for buying software for an access control system, such as whether it is a good idea to use an outside provider to run the system.

The bigger the organization, the more complex will be the security needs. There will be more employees and there will be more areas that need to be secured. In this situation, it is essential that the access control software allows the security staff to set different access levels for each employee or groups of employees. For instance, it may be that only staff from the IT department are allowed access to the server rooms, or that only accountancy staff are allowed access to certain rooms with sensitive financial data and records. The software should enable the security access privileges to be set by allowing access to certain staff with a special keypad code or staff that carry a certain ID card.

Knowing who did what and when is an important part of security, and the access control software should make it easy to generate reports showing which employees entered which rooms or areas and when. In this way it is easy to keep track of who was where on a certain day and at a certain time, and this is essential if there is ever a security breach and evidence is needed as to the movements of certain personnel. The reports also enable security staff to see which areas are being used the most, and whether there needs to be any change to access privileges. The software should enable the detailed security reports to be printed.

One of the biggest problems with software of any type is that it can be complex and difficult to understand. With access security software it is essential that it is easy to use, since the whole point of the software is that it makes is easier to carry out the office security function rather than making it more difficult. The software should make it easy to change access privileges, for instance, and increase or decrease security to certain areas. The user interface should be intuitive, and give the ability to select areas or access points by simple point and click and change security settings easily.

If the organization is large, it might make sense to hire an outside provider. This will have the advantage of not having to run the access control software on your own server, but having an access control server run by an external company who deals with all the server maintenance and security software upgrades. The security software should be easily accessible over the internet, making for total control.

Choosing access control system software is a task which needs some thought if you want to get a package which can cope with all of your organizations security needs. However, taking time to do some research before choosing will pay off, and asking several security software vendors for a demonstration is the least you can do before deciding on which package is right for you.

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