Access Control System Doors: The Heart Of A Security System

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The heart of any access control system is the door or gate and the lock which is used to control it. For most office security applications the access control system doors are controlled by either a magnetic lock or what is known as an electric strike. Most security doors also have sensors to notify a control center whether there is a problem with a lock. There is also the role of external security gates to take into account. This article will look at the two types of locks commonly in use, the role of door sensors and what can be done to secure access via external gates as well as a few other considerations that need to be borne in mind before purchasing security locks.

The magnetic lock is one of the most common ways of locking a door as part of an access control system. They don’t make any noise when in use, and will only remain locked if there is a full power supply. If the power fails the locking mechanism will stop working and it will be possible to open the door. For this reason it might be an idea to have some kind of power back up. Magnetic locks come in various sizes, with the smaller sizes being good for cupboards and cabinets that need to be secured, and the larger sizes (1000 pound pull) being used for secure locking on doors.

Electric strike locks are the type of locks which make a buzzing sound when opened. They can be either of the fail safe type or fail secure type. The fail safe type will only remain locked if there is electrical power, while a fail secure type will remain locked even in the event of a power failure. A fail safe type can be used in conjunction with a back up system to provide temporary power in the case of a main power failure.

Doors used for access control are often fitted with sensors which send a signal to a central monitoring station when the door is opened and closed. This can be used with an integrated system to track personnel movements around the building. The sensor can also alert security staff if the door has been left open after someone passes through, so making for a possible breach of security.

There are several options for securing external areas such s parking lots. There are various types of external security gates, which can use electric strike or magnetic locking. These can be opened by means of a keypad or by employees inserting a card into a card reader. The gate chosen will depend on the space available and the level of security required. For high security, a three-meter high sliding gate could be the choice. For low levels of security, or simply to control entrance and exit from a parking lot, a simple barrier operated by a keypad or card reader could be the solution.

As can be seen, there are several options for securing doors, with the magnetic and electric strike type of locks being the most common. In order to discover which is right for your office security needs, it might be advisable to have a survey done by a recognized security professional. By doing that and keeping in mind the points mentioned above it should be possible to get the type of doors and locks which will keep your office secure in all situations.

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