A Central Monitoring Station Adds An Extra Layer Of Security

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When many companies look at having a security system installed they look at the system as being a standalone model, something that they will look after themselves and deal with the general running. But one of the most important developments in the way that office security issues are dealt with has been the introduction of the central monitoring station. These organizations, or offices, will monitor the security system remotely and contact the office if there is a problem, will also contact the authorities, and will monitor the alarm system 24-hours a day and contact the company if there is a problem such as the failure of the system or the phone lines that it relies on. This article will discuss these points and look at some of the other considerations for companies looking to hire the services of a central monitoring station.

A central monitoring station is, as the name suggests, a central office which will monitor the alarm system. It will monitor the systems of many companies, and may well not even be in the same state as the companies whose systems it monitors. One of its main roles is to communicate with the office in the event of the alarm being triggered. This will usually be done via a two way monitoring system attached to the keypad of an access control system. If the person who triggered the alarm can provide the right pass code for the keypad, the alarm is cancelled. This has the great benefit of cutting down on false alarms. If the monitoring station receives to answer, it will then take action.

The monitoring station will, in the event of a real alarm at the company, contact the police so that someone can be sent to the scene as quickly as possible. If the alarm is an audible delay security system, the central monitoring unit will be able to contact the police even before the criminal knows that the alarm has been tripped. This makes it more likely that any intruder will be caught. The central monitoring unit will also contact the business owner or head of security so that he can visit the office to determine if there actually has been a break in, and help the police if needed.

But the role of a central monitoring unit goes beyond just dealing with alarms being triggered. A good monitoring company will keep a check on the system 24-hours a day, and will report any problems with the system such power failures or anything else that could stop the alarm system from functioning properly. They will also contact the person responsible for security so that they can visit the office in person and determine if any action needs to be taken.

It should be obvious that there are many advantages to using a central monitoring station as part of the security system of the office. Their ability to check if the alarm is false and contact the police if necessary, not to mention constantly monitor the system to check for potential problems is a great help to a business owner who wants to be assured of the security of his premises.

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